Electronic Receipt Template Sample

Electronic receipt template means a proof of purchase / delivery sent electronically. Many people also use electronic receipts for certain activities such as claiming deduction on a tax. Sometimes, electronic receipts also need to be printed out in some cases.

Sample Electronic Receipt Templates


How to Write an Electronic Receipt Template

There are 2 main purposes of e-receipt template. The first is paper saving. In fact, today everything can be done digitally. So, electronic receipt can be a good idea. The second is time saving. With electronic receipt, you do not need to print out, copy and send it manually that will take much time.

If you are interested to make an electronic receipt, you have to understand the rules and what to include in the template. Basically, a good electronic receipt must at least include a unique code of identifying to reference the order with a detailed description.

First of all, you can begin with the contact information of both sender & recipient. Starts from the sender’s contact info, you need to provide his or her name, phone number & address. It is also same for the recipient’s info where you must provide the name, phone number and address.

Besides that, you also have to describe about the payment method. In fact, there are many methods of payment that can be done. Besides in cash, digital payment is now more and more popular such as ATM transfer payment, bank transfer payment, e-banking payment, SMS banking payment, etc.

Then, you may also need to include some other relevant details in the electronic receipt form. For example, it relates to the amount of payment. Besides, it also relate you can also state the date and time of the payment. Or many other needed relevant details.

Electronic receipt is much simpler than paper-based receipt. Besides it does not require you to print and copy the file, it also eases you to send it to the recipient. Formally, this should be sent via email. However, sending it via mobile phone can also be an alternative.

Sometimes, having the hard copies is also needed because if the soft file is lost, you still have the printed out ones. If you decide to have the printed out forms, you should let both sender and recipient to have it all.

Electronic receipt is now more popular even though there are still some parties that prefer the printed documents. Electronic receipt is often used in different business because it does not only environmentally friendly but also make the accounting much easier.

The format of electronic receipt can be different from one to another. It depends on the transaction and the detailed information you want to provide in the template. Anyway, you have to know well about the rules and format.

After paying attention to the guidelines above, now you cannot be confused if you decide to make an electronic receipt template. Now, you can practice creating it by your own. Hopefully this will be a useful reference.

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