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Employee write up form lets supervisors and managers to describe workplace violations & incidents clearly and record them. This also gives the employees a chance to know what the violation exactly was. In this article, we will discuss how to create it.

How to Write an Employee Write Up Form

Employee discipline form can be a good start to deal with employee discipline problems & if it is the final written warning. This form potentially comes with a termination. If you want to write you your employee, you have to know about what it contains.

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First, you have to provide the information about the employee. You must state his or her name. Make sure that you write the full name. Besides that, his or her position must also be stated. If the employee has an ID number, it should also be included in this form.

After the information of the employee is stated completely, now you need to state the kind of warning. Here, you have to state clearly whether it is the last warning and becomes the last chance for the employee not to repeat the violence.

Then, the form must state the offence committed and the description of the violation as well as its effect. For example, it relates to tardiness. Or the violation is about unauthorized early leaving. Absenteeism also often becomes one of the most common violations in the work place.

Sometimes, it is caused by company policy violation, substandard work, safety rule violation, inappropriate behavior to the clients / customers, or insubordination. For the effect, it may cause the company loses the customers.

You should also provide the improvement plan in the employee write up template. Here, you have to think about the solution and advice the employee, so that he or she will not repeat the violence moreover improve the performance.

Even though the employee has received this disciplinary form, it is not impossible that he or she will repeat the violence. So, you have to state the consequences for the repeat offense. For example, the employee cannot continue working in the company if he or she repeats the same violation in the future.

After everything is explained in detailed and clearly, you have to dedicate an area or space for signature. Here, both employer & employees have to sign the form. The signature must be handwritten and official. If one of them does not sign it, the form is not valid.

Do not forget to include the date when the employees & employer sign the form. It must be stated because it relates to an agreement. So, you cannot forget to provide the date, including the month and year.

Usually, the employer writes up his or her employee after giving a verbal warning. In creating an employee write up form, you have to use simple language. So, the employee will be able to understand it easily. Then, he or she will try improving his or her attitude and performance.


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