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Employment Verification Letter and Things to Include Inside It

Do you ever hear about the employment verification letter? Well, the letter of employment verification is an important document, especially inside the field of business. As its name, this letter is used to make verification of employee. In common, it is made by the employer or the boss.

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Something that you need to know, this letter is not only used to verify the attendance of the employee. Some matters, such as the mortgage loan, credit card or even the college loan will stay in line with this kind of letter.

It means that it is an important letter with many uses. So, you cannot make this kind of letter randomly. Here, we will talk about the detail of employment verification letter. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Why Do the Employees Need Employment Verification Letter?

Well, it is an interesting question to know why the employees need this kind of letter. Yes, the answer of this question is also able to show the importance of verification letter of employment. The detail use of this kind of letter from the sight of employee are:

  • The employee will be able to use the letter to apply the home mortgage or the auto loan. This letter can be the evidence to increase the trusts of the lender
  • The letter will be the proof and it will be useful to help the employee to rent a home. Then, the letter also can be used as the verification process before asking some deposits
  • The letter is a proof when the employees ask lending money to the bank

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What to Include Inside the Verification Letter of Employment?

Another important matter to know inside the detail of employment verification letter is what things to include inside it. Yes, it is very important to know some matters to include inside it because detail components will influence the result in making the verification letter of employment.

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Well, some matters to include inside the detail of the verification letter of employment are:

  • Address of employer – the first thing to insert inside the verification letter of employment is the address of employer. It is an important point to show about the personal of the employer. With the clear address, the employer will be easier to be searched.
  • Name and address of the company requesting verification – the second point inside the verification letter of employment to apply is the name and address of the company requesting verification. It is the basic detail of company to show.
  • Name of employee – the name of employee should be written clearly. It will be good when you write the full name of them
  • Dates of employment – the date of employment tells about the first time of employee joined with the company. It can be the media to know how long they worked in the company
  • Job title of employee – it is an important point to show. The job title of employee will tell and explain about the exact position of employee, so the other agents could use it as consideration before making business or deal with them
  • Current salary of employee – same with the previous point, the current salary is also important in order to find the detail personality information of the employee

Well, that is all about employment verification letter. Hopefully it will be useful for you all.



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