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A landlord sometimes needs an eviction notice when there happen pay rent failure, property destruction, misusing property, etc. This letter is needed to get a tenant to move out. So, in this article we will guide you how to create an eviction notice template with step by step.

How to Write an Eviction Notice Template

Here is the technique if you want to draft an eviction notice letter. Firstly, you have to make sure that you address it to the tenant who is named in the lease. Here, you have a legal relationship with someone named in the lease. So, address this letter to him or her.

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Secondly, you should notify the eviction tenant. Here, you have to concisely and clearly state that the aim of the letter is to evict the tenant. You can be overly cautious or too polite in your letter to run the risk of confusing the problem.

For example, you can simply state This letter aims to notify you that you are directed to vacate the properties at (address) no later than (date). Mention the address and date clearly so that the tenant can understand it well.

In the letter, you also have to provide the reasons for eviction. For example, it is because failure or violating term of the lease. You can also allow the tenant to remedy it & stop the process of eviction but you must state what should the tenant does and the date it must be completed.

Actually, there are many reasons of eviction. The most common reasons are such as fail to pay rent, break the agreement & do not want to fix the issue, damage the property that bring down its value, become a serious nuisance as disturbing neighbors or other tenant, use property for illegal action, etc.

Eviction letter also requires you to state the eviction clearly and specifically. Here, you have to clearly describe the kind of eviction, the date when it happened, what has been damaged & what you need to repair it all. If possible, you can also estimate the amount of money for the full repairs.

Besides that, you also have to mention the date that you want where the tenant vacate the property. This should be in legal time frame. In this case, you have to know about the state law because different countries may have different limits how fast you can ask a tenant to vacate the property.

After you finish creating this letter, you can print it out now. Do not forget to copy it because both parties must have it. So, if this situation ends up in the court, you can show this letter as the proof to ask the amount of time or money.

After you copy it, you have to give it to the tenant and you also must save one. If it is impossible to meet each other directly, you can send it via post or email. That is all how to create an eviction notice template.


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