8+ Printable Excel Construction Schedule Template

To be a good contractor, you must plan everything well. One of them is related to the schedule. In making a schedule, we recommend you to use Ms. Excel. If you have never made it before, let’s pay attention to the following discussion about Excel construction schedule template.

How to Write an Excel Construction Schedule Template

Construction schedule template in Excel can be made easily if you know how to make it. There are some rules that you have to follow. In this article, we will discuss it all in detailed. So, you can follow them correctly.

Template Apartment Construction Schedule Excel Sample

First of all what you need to do is to make a title. The title can be adjusted to the project you have. For example, you can type Home Construction Project Schedule. However, you can also simply type Construction Project Schedule for more general project.

This schedule should be presented in form of a table. However, before you make the table, you need to provide the name of your company. If needed, you can also provide other important information such as anything related to your team.

Now, you can start creating a table. The table should consist of some columns. The amount of column depends on how many information you want to provide. From the left, you can begin with number. You can shorten it as No. It aims to know how many tasks you will have for the project.

After that, the next column to make is for Task. There are many tasks you have to complete for a project. For example, the tasks include pre-construction, foundation & backfill, roofing, exterior finishes, plumbing & electrical, interior finishes, drywall, and closeout phase.

Your Excel construction schedule should be made as complete as possible so that there is no information missing. After you provide the names of the tasks, you should provide the start date. For example, pre-construction starts from 20 July, Foundation & backfill start from 21 July, etc.

Sometimes, a task is divided into some categories. For example, pre-construction is divided into design planning, contract execution, and sample approval. Foundation & backfill is divided into layout and wall. Exterior finish is divided into painting and landscaping.

After you provide the start date, you cannot forget providing the end date. For example, pre-construction starts from 20 July and ends on 21 July, Foundation & backfill start from 21 July and end on 4 August, Roofing starts from 5 August and ends on 15 August, etc.

One more information you should provide is about duration. So, you have to make a Duration column. In this column, you should mention how many days the task will take. For example, pe-construction takes one day, Foundation & backfill takes 15 days, etc.

That is all what you need to know about Excel construction schedule template. Now, you cannot be confused if you want to make a construction schedule. You can follow this guideline. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for you all who work in construction project.


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