10+ Sample Excel Weekly Schedule Template

Scheduling is very important in any activity or task. You can make a monthly schedule but weekly schedule will be better and easier to understand. In this article, we will give you the detailed guidelines in creating an Excel weekly schedule template correctly.

How to Write an Excel Weekly Schedule Template

There are some rules to understand and steps to follow if you want to make a weekly schedule template in Excel. So, let’s pay attention to the further discussion below. Then, you can follow the steps to make a weekly schedule for your own business.

Template Excel Blank Weekly Schedule Sample

You can begin this template with a title. The title should be based on your business. For example, you can simply write Weekly Cleaning Schedule, Weekly Staffing Schedule, Weekly Work Schedule, Weekly Lab Schedule, Weekly Training Schedule, Weekly Maintenance Schedule, etc.

If you want to make a weekly cleaning schedule, you can make a table first. After that, provide Chores column. On this column, you can classify the tasks into some categories based on the area such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

The tasks in different areas will be different. In the kitchen, it may include loading or unloading dishwasher, sweeping or moping floor, cleaning microwave, cleaning sink area, hand washing dishes, emptying bin, wiping off kitchen counter, cleaning oven stove, etc.

In the bathroom, the tasks may include cleaning toilet, cleaning shower or bath, cleaning sink, wiping down mirror, emptying bin, changing bath mats, and moping floor. In the living room, the tasks may include vacuuming sofa, vacuuming floor, picking up clutter, dusting, fluffing sofa pillows, etc.

In the bedroom, the tasks may include emptying bin, making bed, tidying & picking up clutter, and there are still many others. It is better if you divide the tasks equally between one to another. So, they have same responsibilities and difficulties in doing the tasks.

Then, you need to provide Name column in the weekly schedule template Excel. On this column, you have to divide the team based on the area. For example, John is responsible for cleaning the kitchen, Alex is responsible for cleaning the bathroom, Felix is responsible for cleaning the living room, etc.

Next, you should mention the days from Monday to Sunday. Do not forget to state the date, month and year clearly. You can also make Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 and then state the days in each week.

If you want to make a school class schedule, you can add the more specific time. Here, you need to provide Time column on the leftmost column. For example, your class starts from 08.00 a.m. Then, fulfill the table based on your class schedule. Make sure that you adjust it to the specific time.

Excel weekly schedule template is very useful to help you visualize your schedule or plan in a week. Besides, it also helps you organize your scheduled activities and even keep a track of the progress of your plan.


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