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How to Make an Expense Receipt Template

Expense receipt template can be said as a written form that acknowledges that a company purchased services or goods from other business entities. Writing that template is not an easy task. In this article, we will share the guidelines how to create it rightly.

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How to Write an Expense Receipt Template

It is very important for a business or a company to use & keep receipts because of some reasons. One of them is to support accounting records. Besides that, an expense receipt form can also be used as a proof of claim. Therefore, let’s pay attention to the following step by step.

Sample Electronic Expense Receipt Templates

You must know that there are many kinds of receipt template for various transactions. In case of expense receipt, you have to know the rules and format well. You have to provide some elements in the template. Here are the basic elements you have to know.

First of all, you need to provide the transaction date. It must be stated clearly when the transaction happened. You should provide this information at the top either right or left. As a proof of transaction, you cannot be wrong to state the date because it is very vital.

Besides the date of transaction, you also have to provide a space for the information of the buyer. There are some important kinds of information that you need to include in the template. For examples are buyer’s name, address, phone number and any other detail.

There is also a section in the expense receipt document that let you describe the specification of the product. Different products may need different details about the specification. Even though it is a service, not goods, you still need to describe about the service as clear and detailed as possible.

Then, you also have to state the amount of price. Even though the price is very low, you still need to state it clearly. In this case, you cannot only state the price amount in numbers but also in words. This is the right format in providing the price in this template.

The next element that you should include is the method of payment. In fact, there are many methods of payment available. Here, you have to state clearly whether the payment is done is cash, via transfer, or using a debit card, or any other payment method that is acceptable.

Lastly, the form of expense receipt must be signed off. You should dedicate a space for signature. Here, both seller & buyer must sign it off. The signatures must be original and hand-written. Signatures make the form valid and legal.

Now, there are some programs that provide such template. So, you can easily access it. Then, you just need to edit it simply. Mostly, these templates are available in Excel format. If you are familiar with Excel formats, of course you will not find any problem.

It is also better if you provide your company’s name and logo in the expense receipt template. You can include tax identification number, too. Then, customize the texts, fonts, & images based on your desire.


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