10+ Free Bill of Landing Template Sample

Free Bill of Landing Template for PDF 

Free bill of landing template is created to inform the detail list of goods’ shipment. This form informs about shipment related. It gives information of a receipt that is given to the carrier and sent it to the customer or the person that order the goods.

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This form is applied as a legal form that shows about the receipt of the freight service. It tells about the contract that happened between two sides, those are the freight carrier and the shipper. As it is a business transaction, a legal document is needed.

As a legal binding document, it provides the detail information in all aspects including the driver data, the carrier details, the process of the shipment, and the invoice. This document is created to deliver the detail information between the carrier and the shipper in certain aspects.

It informs about the type of shipment, quantity of the products, and destinations of the goods. Also, it serves the shipment receipt information in a clear form. To create this form, you can use free bill of landing easily. You can also check the templates with frame designs that suits with what you need.

Tips to Create a Free Bill of Landing Template

When creating this form, you need to understand about the type of the forms. There are a lot of types that offers different form design. As there are a lot of types, you need to check which one of the template that is suitable with the purpose of the form.

Sample AVRT BOL Templates

Even though, there are a lot of samples available here, basically there is certain information that is similar one to each other. The content that is usually written in the form will always include the name and the address of the shipper and the receiver.

Then, things that are usually mentioned in the form are the detail of the orders. It includes the purchase details information and the special reference number that is usually patched in the courier. To create an excellent bill of landing receipt sample, a certain instruction is added as well.

Other detail is the date of the service. It includes pick up date and the load up date. It will be used as a reference that helps to track the product. Then, there is description of items such as dimensions, weights, and materials. A good for also needs to mention about the packing type.

It may look simple but it is important. You need to mention what type of packaging that will be used in the delivery service. The material such as cartons, boxes, woods, or others need to be noted in the shipment invoice.

Sometimes, you need to add the NMFC Freight class information. It tells about the detail of the division whenever the shipment is broken into certain classes. Still, you need to mention about the weight, dimension, density, capability, value, and others.

Make sure that the form is created by following the law condition and legal actions. Having this form is important as in a shipment business transaction. The availability of the free bill of landing template here will help you a lot to know and understand about the subject.


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