Front End UI Developer Resume Sample

Front End UI Developer job description has responsibility to create the art designs of the computer system, application, and programs that cover the translation of the UI/UX design in the wireframes with an actual code. This position needs to be skillful in operating computer system and develop it. Also, it needs someone who knows about visual elements of the applications and capable to create and produce it.

Front End UI Developer Resume Sample

Billie Wingston

3300 Danston Road, Russellville, AR, 7163, Phone: +1 (870) 0190-1120



                                                Russellville, AR

                                                07/2016 – present

  • Front end UI developer resume sample
  • Can work multiple projects that required UI/UX development and improvement
  • Understand about program codes and capable to create it
  • Compose the team that works the program tasks and give support as well as assist for the success of the program
  • Can operate multiple device types, browsers, and forego programming shortcuts
  • Can arrange and develop the algorithms that use limit GUI elements, dampen, and more
  • Handle the Mobile UI/UX development and capable to upgrade the fully leverage touchscreen functionality
  • Understand about hybrid application and have ability to create and develop it
  • Can handle the cross-platform applications, leveraging the frameworks that covered Xamarin, Appcelerator, PhoneGap and Ionic.



Little Rock, AR

10/2013 – 06/2016

  • Do the framework based on the regulations
  • Capable to develop the testing methodology for giving best experience for both the user interface and experience
  • Follow up the work with UI and GUI
  • Capable to create design that can optimize the function of the elements
  • Capable to improve the functionality of the designed program
  • Give and provide ease navigations, simple and effective user engagements times, and information flow
  • Serve the consistency in the different environment
  • Capable to present the success implementation from testing, creating and developing programs, and many more
  • Experts in HTML5, CSS, JavaScripts, and have deep understanding about jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, Bootstrap and more



Phoenix, AZ

02/2008 – 09/2013

  • Works with dynamic and have smart knowledge about the basic information and data
  • Capable to do search and navigation for program system
  • Understand about user interfaces as well as create the GUI or the Graphical User Interfaces
  • Create the responsive elements, 2D/3D animations and operate the program media
  • Develop the design program and involve in the unified design that requires suitable color palette, layouts, and logo designs
  • Expertise in WebGL, OpenGL and IA planning
  • Can create and design the wireframing with clear construction and provide interactive prototypes
  • Can identify the IA or the information architecture and do the work under KPIs
  • Capable to be involved in the analytical strategies plan and work within team
  • Inform the data flow structure models



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Front-End Web Developer



  • Can build excellent communication skills with the company, developer, and clients
  • Proficient in certain languages like German, Dutch, and French, and being expert for both verbal and writing
  • Have great understanding about computer programming
  • Know about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and understand how to operate and optimize it
  • Capable to run he major tool in the toolbox for front end developer tasks
  • Can handle JavaScript and CSS frameworks as well as doing the process and capable to operate it very well
  • Understand about version control and Git
  • Can create responsive UI/UX design
  • Have creative thinking and capable to create innovation
  • Can do testing, debugging, and browsing using developer tools
  • Understand about RESTful service and APIs
  • Can do the programming and mobile design in a responsive way
  • Do the Cross-browser development and handle the Content Management Systems



Front End UI Developer Resume Sample

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