Front Office Manager Resume Sample

Front Office Manager job description is a professional that hands the responsibility to take care and control the daily goings-on in the office, do single day course, organize the daily office operations and procedures, take the responsibility to design the filing system and control correspondence, check the payroll, assign the clerical functions and supply requisitions.

Front Office Manager Resume Sample

Louise B. Morgan

2667 Humminton Road, Reno, NV, 89104, Phone: +1 (486) 684-7448



                                                Laughlin, NV

                                                02/2016 – present

  • Front office manager resume sample hands on the tasks running in the office, capable to do maintaining for professional work environment and control the staff supervision
  • Accountable to work and control the administrative support of the office
  • Capable to manage the accounting functions, office supplies, and assigns the office duties
  • Manage the staff shifts working time and capable to observe the members’ performance
  • Establish the operations of the procedures in the office
  • Responsible to create the schedules, utilize the forecasting, tools, and labor saving
  • Professionally work with target and set the brands achievement
  • Capable to handle the duty shift of the General Manager in the Hotel
  • Can maintain the communications between staff and others such as sales department, house keepings, and many more
  • Capable to provide complete information to various level such as supervisor, co-workers, and many more


St. George, UT

09/2011 – 01/2016

  • Responsible to set control over various things such as the safety deposit boxes, arrange and set the master keys, over time schedules and banks
  • Capable to handle and serve the tasks that the General Manager and the Assistant General Manager do
  • Can assists the evaluations of the employee’s performance including giving routine feedback
  • Can carry out the annual performance of the employee, and set the targets of projects
  • Can provide full support for career development
  • Capable to review the work procedures along with operational problems in order to give improving service
  • Responsible to give and maintain the performance and the safety in the office
  • Have long years experiences in the similar environment to perform great performance
  • Capable to handle, to coach, and develop the performance of the team



San Jose, CA

08/2008 – 06/2011

  • Provide all of the necessary information to customers, co-workers, and to supervisor through telephone, email, of by person
  • Capable to work fully function on the job
  • Can do the light work such as lift stuff, carry, push, and pull objects or stuff in the office
  • Can communicate very well with customers and staff and create a good warm atmosphere in the hotel
  • Capable to handle special guest or VIP customers of the hotel
  • Can responds quickly and provide information or solutions towards customers’ complaints
  • Capable to give supportive performance, friendly and caring behavior towards customers
  • Being responsible to give updates for log book that is given to the nest shifts
  • Can effectively communicate under policies and procedures in the hotel with professional manner



Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration, Management



  • Capable to understand and to write task in more than one language
  • Mastering English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Latin
  • Have great interpersonal skills and capable to serve excellent communication skills
  • Have skillful in operating Microsoft Office, and others applications such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and many more.
  • Quick learning and have excellent capability to solve and handle problems
  • Can build teamwork and work in team diligently
  • Capable to lead the team and runs the task excellently
  • Can do report and documents preparation
  • Handle the managements for records, inventory, and facilities of the office
  • Have great time management and work on-time
  • Capable to create planning with detail oriented
  • Can arrange schedules and prioritize tasks
  • Work with professionalism, enthusiastic, and positive behavior
  • Capable to do budgeting and do space management


Front Office Manager Resume Sample

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