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What is Gantt Chart?

Understanding the Gantt Chart is a bar chart that presents visual data about the work that has been scheduled from time to time. Although referred to as charts, this project management method is more like a table than a graph.

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Who invented Gantt Chart?

The method of completing the Gantt Chart task has apparently been used since the 19th century. The discoverers were Henry L. Gantt and Frederick Taylor. At that time, the Gantt Chart was made manually using handwriting. A typewriter is used as an alternative to writing the Gantt Chart to make it look professional. In modern times, there are many methods of creating Gantt Charts automatically. One of them is project management tools.

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What are the purposes of Gantt Chart?

Gantt Chart is commonly used to schedule projects. This graph is very useful for showing what work has been scheduled to be completed in a specified day and time. The diagram can also help the person working on the project to see the start and end times of the project in a simple graph.

What can you find in a Gantt Chart?

In a Gantt Chart, you can find the following:

  1. Start date of a project
  2. The tasks in the project
  3. Who is in charge of completing the task
  4. When did tasks start and end
  5. How long each task must be completed
  6. How each task is grouped, overlapped, and related

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How to read Gantt Chart

As with any chart reading, you need to pay attention to the information on the horizontal and vertical axes. The vertical axis in a Gantt Chat indicates what tasks need to be completed. Meanwhile, the horizontal axis on the Gantt Chart signifies time. When you enter an assignment in the Gantt Chart, you will also define its start time, end time, and dependencies. The duration of the task will be indicated by the filled bars. Use Gantt Chart maker software to calculate task duration automatically.

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What are the components you can found in Gantt Chart?

1. Task list

Contains a list of tasks written from top to bottom

Can be arranged more easily when grouped

2. Timeline

Timepiece written from left to right

Flexible, the period can be set, for example per day, per week, per month, up to per year

3. Dateline

The timeline that appears in the middle of the timeline

Make it easy for readers to know the work to be done now and work in the future

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4. Bars

Shows how far the task has been completed or the deadline

5. Progress

Similar to bars, the difference shows a percentage

6. Milestones

Time markers of important agendas such as progress meetings etc.

7. Dependencies

Shows the relationship between interdependent tasks

Resource assigned

Shows who is responsible for the task at hand

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How to make a Gantt Chart

Apart from using special software and online, you can create a simple Gantt Chart by using Free Gantt Chart Templates. We provide a collection of Free Gantt Chart Templates that you can download, modify, print, upload, or send the following:

  • Free Daily Gantt Chart Templates
  • Free Construction Gantt Chart Templates
  • Free Project Gantt Chart Templates
  • Free Simple Gantt Chart Templates
  • Free Weekly Gantt Chart Templates
  • Free Gantt Chart Template for Excel
  • And many more!

gantt chart psd templates

Gantt Chart Templates Design Ideas

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gantt chart in photoshop

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