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Gift Certificate Templates

A gift certificate is a sign that a person or entity is receiving a gift from another party. Businesses use gift certificates as an effective marketing effort or tactic to attract the attention of the public, especially prospective clients.

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The importance of gift certificate templates

Many companies, especially companies engaged in selling products, offer gift certificates at certain times (usually on holidays, celebrations, and special occasions). These gift certificates can be used by customers to buy their products in exchange.

There is one thing to consider when making gift certificates. The template of the gift certificates must be unique, catchy, and memorable in order to have an impact on the target audience. Gift certificates that are only made in moderation or casually can actually have a negative impact on brand image.


What SHOULD be in a gift certificate

Although the names are similar, there are fundamental differences between gift certificates and gift cards. You as a professional must not be misunderstood. The difference is the material used to print both. Traditionally, gift certificates are printed on a piece of thick paper that is not easily torn. Meanwhile, gift cards are printed on plastic surfaces that have a higher durability than thick paper.

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Gift certificates in general can only be used once before they expire (one-time use). There are a number of gift certificates that do not have an exchange deadline but are valid according to occasions. So, there are gift certificates that are valid for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.

Gift Certificate templates psd templates

By knowing the background of the purpose of gift certificates, we can know that a good gift certificate must contain the following information:

  1. Your company logo or branding is really clear and high resolution, not blurry
  2. A descriptive but brief title of the gift certificate (for example, Free 3 days city tour)
  3. A brief description containing company information, testimonials, the contents of the gift certificate (for example, free 3-day city tour using your company’s travel services)
  4. Contact information that includes company address, telephone number, email, website and call center
  5. Expiration date
  6. Unique gift certificate number
  7. Terms and conditions


Key features of the best gift certificate templates

1. Customizable

Gift certificate templates that you will choose should help make your brand widely known. Choose templates that are easy and clearly customizable, such as including ways to change their colors, fonts, icons, images, and graphics.

2. Able to make emotional connection

A gift certificate which highlights personal connections between customers or family is better than unanimated gift certificate templates. As such, look for a template that can touch the personal side of consumers without being patronizing, tacky, or pretentious.

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3. Highlights company slogan or mission statement

Let the customers or prospective clients know what your brand does by highlighting your company slogan or mission statement. You need to take into account some gift certificate templates that have room to write your slogan or mission statement.

4. Simple is best

Minimalist, clean, and neat template goes a long way to reach your intended audience. You can achieve this effect by choosing gift certificate templates that have a lot of white space.

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What SHOULD NOT be on a gift certificate

1. No themes

Gift certificates should have specific themes. It doesn’t matter if the theme is a universal theme such as Birthday or New Year. The problem is if the gift certificate does not clearly commemorate an occasion. Always decide on your theme and include the elements that reflect the occasion.

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2. No personality

Using standard templates, stock typography, too many colors, and vague themes are the fastest way to get your gift certificate ignored. You must use a template that is similar to your other written documents template e.g. your company’s letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc.

3. No visuals

A gift certificate without the right images and icons cannot be recognizable quickly. To avoid that, include your specific images or icons e.g. your company logo and other visual aid.

Gift Certificate templates psd templates   Gift Certificate templates templates for photoshop

Gift Certificate Design Ideas

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