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Gift-giving activities are actually activities that have started since the beginning of human civilization. Gift-giving is an activity that occurs to appreciate the efforts of someone in a group of people. Then, gift-giving extends its meaning into activities undertaken to honor an event such as coronation day of the pharaohs in Egypt.

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Gift tags are one part of gift-giving. A gift tag is a piece of paper that is usually in an attractive form depending on the need to contain a short message from the gift giver to the gift recipient. The piece of paper is usually well-decorated, including in terms of color, font type, and trinkets that decorate it.


When is the time for you to give a gift to someone important in your life?

Even if there is no important event, you can just give someone a gift as a thank you. However, gift-giving is usually done when there are events so that the prize feels more special. You can give gifts to recipients on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, or in their graduations.

The types of gifts you give can vary. You can give them succulents, handmade things, instant cameras, custom-made materials, or collectible items.


How to make a gift tag

1. Make sure it matches the events

You can create gift tags that represent the type of gift you give. For example, if you give a gift in commemoration of the Christmas season, your gift tag forms a bell, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, etc.

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2. Choose colors that match the theme

Just like the previous point, the color selection of gift tags should be in accordance with the theme. For example, if the theme is Christmas, gift tags can be red or green.

gift tag psd templates

3. Write a short but meaningful message

Because the nature gift tag is only a small piece of paper, you need to write a short message. However, don’t let your message be of no value. Express your gratitude to the recipient of the goods for their services to help you. Make sure your gifts really make them happy.

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4. Add your typical personal touch

To make the gift more meaningful, add your personal touch to the gift tag. For example, write down your initials in gold ink.


Here are the words that you can include in your homemade gift tags:

  • “Best Witches” (for Halloween occassions)
  • “Happy Turkey Day” (for Thanksgiving occasions)
  • “Joy to the World” (for Christmas occasions)
  • “Be My Heart” (for Valentine’s Day)
  • “Easter Blessings” (for Easter Day)
  • “Happy Birthday” (for Birthday occasions)
  • “Happily Ever After” (for Weddings)
  • “Beatiful Day for a Beautiful Pair” (for Anniversaries)
  • “Welcome, Little One” (for Newborn)
  • “Chase Your Dreams” (for Graduations)

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Additional tips to decorate your gift tag:

  • Print blank templates onto scrap paper and use the scrap paper as a template. Use the scrap paper template as a pattern and transfer the design to the good, quality cardstock.
  • Store the printed templates so you can use the templates for other occasions.
  • Decorate the gift tags with your favourite stamps.
  • Attach bright ribbons or fancy yarns to your gift tags.

gift tag psd

Gift Tag Design Ideas

gift tag in photoshop

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Gift Tag Ideas

gift tag in photoshop

gift tag in psd design

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