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Goods and Services Receipt and Thing to Understand Inside It

For someone who want to sell something, it is important if they provide a document telling about the details of the transaction. The information about it is quite essential because it will clear that the transaction is really done. It is the reason why you need to know about goods and services receipt.

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As its name, this receipt tells about the goods and services. It means that the document tells about the things or goods as the object of the transaction. Then, it also tells about the services that you give to the buyer during the transaction until it is done.

In this occasion, we will talk to you about some details of goods and services receipt. By knowing about this document, of course you will be able to be the trusted seller and get more funds there. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

The Contents Inside Good and Service Receipt

Since the receipt of good and service is important for every transaction, knowing the detail inside this document is also important. By knowing what to include inside this document, of course you will be able to write a good receipt. Then, the transaction also could be cleared shown.

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Well, talking about the nice goods and services receipt, there are some contents that you need to add, such as:

  • The amount paid by buyer

For the first, to make a good receipt of good and service, you need to write about the amount paid by the buyer during the transaction. When you act as a seller inside the transaction, it is your turn to give this kind of information to the buyer.

Then, when you are a buyer, it is good when you try to get the detail amount that you paid to the seller. By knowing the detail amount inside the transaction, a buyer could keep the track of the transaction as a personal general expense.

  • The method of payment

Since the receipt of good and service tells about the transaction, you need to write about the method of payment inside this document. The reason why you need to tell about the method of payment is to make a clear           transaction, so every side could claim about the payment.

There are some methods of payment that are commonly used inside the transaction. Here, you may do some transactions using cash payment, installment payment, credit card payment and others.

  • Detail of sold product and service

Another thing to add inside receipt of good and service is the detail of sold product and service. It is the main point inside this document that you need to write. Talking about the detail of the product and service is needed in order to increase the transparent of the transaction.

  • The purchased date of product and service

It is also important for you to add about the purchased date of service and product inside the receipt of good and service. This matter will be helpful especially when the buyer wants to pay the transaction with the installment method.

Well, that is all about the details of goods and services receipt. You may do some researches in order to find a good sample of it.


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