Graduate Nurse Resume Sample

Graduate nurse resume sample is a nice matter as the reference for those who want to make a resume in order to join with a new hospital as a nurse. A resume is the first document to send in order to be the consideration by the recruiter. By using a resume, a candidate is able to show their personal identity, so the recruiter will know who they are. In other hand, the resume is also able to show the skills, achievements and experiences of the candidate. The three matters will be the point of view of the candidate. They also could use those three matters as the way to be the potential candidate to be recruited. Here, we will show you a sample of resume to know what to write inside it.

Sample of Graduate Nurse Resume

Sophie Jeremy

55112 Tremaine Shoal, Detroit, MI. Phone: +1 (555) 761 8912


Graduate Nurse STARN Fellowship

Philadelphia, PA

12/2015 – present

  • Designing the STARN program
  • Providing the new RN with the tools as it is needed in order to increase the working of the hospital
  • Making the program of class room
  • Doing the simulation with the basic of EKG, ACLS, ECCOR high with the system based on the lectures
  • Supporting the working of manager in order to increase the educational opportunities and the specialty certification

Graduate Nurse RN Application

Philadelphia, PA

11/2011 – 07/2015

  • Developing a plan that prescribes the intervention to attain expected the outcomes
  • Contributing to the professional development of the colleagues, peers and others
  • Providing the leadership in the professional setting of practice and the profession
  • Recommending and applying the prior of the graduation date
  • Analyzing assessment in order to determine the diagnoses from the nurse
  • Collaborating with the family, patients and the others in order to conduct the practice of nursing
  • Systematically enhancing the quality and the effectiveness of the practice of nurse

Graduate Nurse

Boston, MA

07/2009 – 22/2011

  • Completing the assigned orders of nursing as it is directed by the preceptor, including assisting the patients with the activities of the daily living and taking the vital signs
  • Performing other tasks when it is needed, including the service of environmental and preparing or transporting the patient for the service of diagnostic
  • Leading by investing and building the healthy relationship among the colleagues and other disciplines
  • Demonstrating the enthusiasm for continuing the learning
  • Identifying and create the plan for the continuation of learning and development
  • Initiating and documenting the patient teaching including the family and the significant orders
  • Assisting the preceptor with the detail of development of the care plan
  • Reporting the test result and the observation of the patients


Iowa State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Creativity



  • Knowledgeable with 100% compliance with the core measure in the department of emergency
  • Demonstrating the professionalism, accountability and commitment to the nursing care
  • Assisting with the unit employee for the process activity, including the orientation and the professional development
  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • Good skills in communication in both verbal and written form
  • Good attitude in doing anything
  • Ability to work better with the team
  • Able to quick learn about the new things in order to increase the skills
  • High attention to the detail


Graduate Nurse Resume Sample

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