What is a grant acceptance letter for?

A grant acceptance letter is a document that shows gratitude to a certain company that has accepted the grant applied by an organization or institution. Not only to show gratitude but the letter also to deliver a formal notification to the agency about the accepted grant. To find out more about the acceptance letter of a grant, take a look at the following paragraphs below.

133 What is a grant acceptance letter for

Tips to write for a proper grant acceptance letter

To guide you in writing a proper grant acceptance letter, follow some useful tips below.

  1. Use formal and polite language in the letter. Be brief in highlighting each key point of the letter you want to inform the company.
  2. Don’t forget to deliver a sincere thank you for accepting the grant proposal and to notify them that the fund has been accepted.
  3. Provide the contact number of your institution in the grant acceptance letter to keep good communication with the granter company.
  4. Review the letter before sending it. ensure there is no mistake in giving out the information and pay attention to the spelling and grammar of the writing.
  5. Send in the grant acceptance letter as soon as the institution has received the fund. In other words, once the application is successfully accepted, don’t forget to directly send the grant acceptance letter and deliver your gratitude towards the company.

The template sample of a grant acceptance letter

Use the template sample of a grant acceptance letter below to help you write a proper and formal grant acceptance letter.


(name of sender)

(job title)

(name of organization)


Date (of when you write the grant acceptance letter)


(name of the grantor)

(job title)

(name of the company)


Dear Mr.Mrs (name of the grantor),

The first paragraph is about self-introduction and to directly inform the company for the granted opportunity. Also, don’t forget to say a sincere thank you for choosing and accepting your proposal or applications over other applicants.

The second paragraph mainly talks about the use of the granted fund. Clearly state each project you are going to use with the fund provided by the company. Highlight the important part of the project and where the fund will mostly go.

The third paragraph could be the closing of the letter. Here, you need to attach any contact information dealing with the granted proposal to maintain a nice and professional relationship with the company. Mention again another thank-you statement.

Closing salutation,

Your name


Job title

Name of institution or organization

The sample of gratitude expressions written in the grant acceptance letter

Use some samples of gratitude expressions below to help write a proper grant acceptance letter with appropriate language and manner.

  • I sincerely thank you for the funding from (name of the company).
  • It is an honor to be chosen for the (name of the program/project)
  • Thank you for your consideration in accepting the grant proposal.
  • We would like to express how much we appreciate the opportunity to build a partnership with (the name of the company).
  • I am writing to express my gratitude for the grant proposal that has been accepted.


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