Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Graphic Designer job description is designing materials visually for presentations. The designer needs to gather information and materials to plan and illustrate concepts. The designer may also be the person-in-charge of printing equipment. A graphic designer must be able to work in groups because the job often needs the designer to coordinate with outside agencies.

Graphic Designer Resume Example


 2391 Coal Street

Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania

 +1 (814) 387-5257


 Graphic Designer

01/2015 – present


  • Analyze trends and create on-brand designs that comply current trends
  • Make brands based on a predetermined style guide
  • Bridge the design and production process to ensure the quality of design and deliver flawless outputs to clients
  • Understand and execute market and brands dynamics of assigned client projects
  • Collaborate with related divisions such as, but not limited to, marketing and business divisions, to ensure all aspects of user experience have been optimized
  • Monitor coordinated production processes which includes requests from vendors or third parties and other creative services
  • Create, store, and maintain production ready files
  • Design interesting contents to support promotion and marketing
  • Assist in interior design needs and physical store need such as event signage, sale flyers, product brochures, and coupons
  • Develop and implement creative concepts that are consistent with the brand’s goals and objectives
  • Develop storyboards, mockups, and prototypes with high quality which aims to communicate design ideas interactively
  • Develop original campaign graphics for large and special projects
  • Assist in editing, printing, and distributing designs for use in print and digital media
  • Follow direction of organization to show initiatives and embrace opportunities
  • Help making and actualize the concept-making brainstorming process to use in social and digital communication
  • Work with Account Leads, Art Directors, Creative Directors, and Copywriters to develop creative concepts and assist the idea executions through design
  • Lead brainstorming and design review sessions
  • Monitor scheduling accuracy, execution of design delivery, and problem solving during the project
  • Present the design results to the design team, marketing team, and executives for review and feedback
  • Create web-optimized assets to for digital promotions, for example AdSense
  • Assess vendors or third parties performance and researched new vendors or technologies to benefit the client or agency
  • Identify new and exciting business opportunities related to brand building
  • Identify clients complaints and report the complaints and solutions to superiors for immediate actions


Western University

Bachelor’s Degree of Digital Arts 


Graphic Designer resume template

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