Sample Gun Bill of Sale

Gun Bill of Sale and Important Things to Know Inside It

When you are looking for a gun in the gun shop for the personal or the career purpose, here you need the gun bill of sale. Yes, this bill of sale is a document as the evidence of the transaction. Here, this document is essential in order to know about the term and condition agreed by both parties.

Sample gun bill of sale 001 Templates

As we know, gun is not a usual thing. This kind of good cannot be sold without any important reason. That is why in the gun transaction, there are some terms and conditions as the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

In this occasion, we will talk about the details of gun bill of sale. By knowing about the details of this document, of course you could understand why this document is important. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

How to Make a Gun Bill of Sale?

Since a bill of sale is an important document, of course knowing the ways to make it will be important. By knowing how to make this document, making a good gun bill of sale will be easier to do and I am sure that the transaction could be made clearer.

Sample Gun Bill of Sale 002 Templates

There are some ways and contents that you need to insert inside this kind of document. Some matters to write inside this bill of sale are:

  • The date of sale

The first thing to write inside a bill of sale is the date of sale. Yes, the date of sale is an important part that agents should consider in making this kind of document. By writing about the date of sale, it will be easier to track when the transaction happened.

In other hand, the date of sale also will be important to influence the payment. When the buyer wants to pay the payment using installment method, of course the date of sale could be the starting point when the buyer should pay.

  • A description of product

Inside the bill of sale, you need to write about the description of product –when you have position as the seller. Showing the description of the product is quite important because the buyer needs to know the detail of the gun that they want to buy.

In this case, you need to show the model of the gun, the years when it made, the condition of parts and the license number. In other hand, it is also good when you write about the term and condition as the part of agreement since gun is a special good in transaction.

  • Selling price of gun

Another important thing to write inside the bill of sale is the price of gun. Here, you need to write the detail price of good based on the agreement with the buyer. Write the price clearly. If it is needed, you may write it in numeral and words.

Well, that is all about the gun bill of sale that you need to know. It is good when you do some researches in order to find a sample of this document, so making it will be easier to do.


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