Heartfelt Resignation Letter and Its Sample

It is without a doubt that leaving a job you love heartfully leaves a scar on your memories after a huge number of years working together with your co-workers and for the company. You will certainly miss the welcoming atmosphere your co-workers have given you, or you might say “your families”. Regardless of being overwhelmed with such a joyful recollection, you have to say goodbye to them gracefully. Writing a heartfelt resignation letter should help you out with that.

147.Heartfelt Resignation Letter

What is a Heartfelt Resignation Letter?

A heartfelt resignation letter is a formal form of written messages containing your resignation that expresses your reason for leaving gracefully and cheerfully. You must feel somewhat hard to write this kind of letter, but you will have to write it either way. Make sure in this letter, you fully express all remaining impression for the rest of your co-workers.

How Should You Express a Heartfelt Resignation Letter?

In the middle of your heartfelt resignation letter, the messages should be delivered with pure joy and kindness to every co-worker and the company that you have worked with for a long period of time. The experience that you have gained, and the eloquent relationship that you have bonded with the rest of them, are worth your gratitude. So, make sure to put that all in the letter.

How do I Write a Heartfelt Resignation Letter?

if you are overjoyed with such a high intensity that it makes you unable to write a heartfelt resignation letter, it does not hurt you at all to have a look at the list of hints below to get you more insight on how to start.

  • State your name clearly
  • Input the exact date of leaving
  • Deliver your inner emotion
  • But keep it professional
  • Stay with a brief message

The Sample of a Heartfelt Resignation Letter

After you have fully studied the hints up above, you should try to look for an example of how the letter is written and the order of the writing. The letter for that purpose is as provided below.

Dear Mr. Silverstone

I am writing this letter as my formal notice about my resignation as a drafter in Artful company. my last day at the company will be on 19th September 2019. Please kindly accept this letter as my official 2 week-notice. I am undoubtedly sure to decide to move on to my next opportunities at other companies. I know taking such a step will impact a lot of things, But I believe I can succeed in the future. Thank you for all these years guiding me and entrusting me with a foremost task.

I have given my goodbye greeting to my team and make sure they are on board with it. Concerning the last two projects assigned to me, I have asked Ms. Tania to handle them in the meantime. I believe she will the same courtesy and skill as I do.

I simply cannot know how to thank you for all the parties that have been supportive of my growth at this company. I can only wish the best for this company and to all of my co-workers to have a joyful future ahead of them. If you wish to reach out to me to ask some questions, please call me at 0-3948584.

Thank you for your cooperation and time

Sincerely Yours


Alexander Pierce


Those are all the elements that will support your attempts in writing the resignation letter.

Should you wish to resign with a heartfelt moment, a heartfelt resignation letter should serve you well in expressing your feelings to everyone.



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