Home Health Aide Resume Sample

Home Health Aide Resume Sample job description has task responsibility to take care of patients in the most complete way. It means the range of tasks they will do is monitoring the condition of patients for both mentally and physically, making sure patients have eaten prescribes, run the errands that patients need, and do the household tasks including the laundry.

Home Health Aide Resume Sample

Kathelyn Sachment

2245 East Boarding Street, Wyoming, MI, 48009, Phone: +1 (906) 244-8311




Wyoming, MI

05/2017 – present

  • Assist the medication in the company and manage the ambulance to help patients
  • Can perform balance home management and do the housekeeping
  • Arrange the programs that will help the performance of the staff getting better
  • Help to improve the service by arranging regular training programs
  • Can communicate with other departments and create strong trust with each sides
  • Works with partners and know how to manage the stock and assignment with the providers
  • Actively participate in the company’s activities
  • Have strong will, ability, and confident on the work
  • Woks with ethical business behavior
  • Can build up excellent relationship with employee, patients, and community



Dearborn, MI

04/2012 – 04/2017

  • Can identify the company projects and help to improve the projects
  • Participate actively in the company tasks and help patients with full dedication
  • Work under regulations and safety procedures
  • Own Certificate Nursing Assistance
  • Can work independently or within the groups
  • Arrange schedules for new staff in team
  • Meet up meeting regularly and give solutions over problems that happen
  • Can operate computer and know about technology tools
  • Can build trust with patients
  • Work with other department to improve the company’s service for patients
  • Do the housekeeping and laundry



Southfield, MI

09/2008 – 03/2012

  • Do and assist the daily tasks and living that patients have including provide basic routine care regularly for them
  • Help patients to fulfill daily need such as eating, fasting, changing dress, helping doing regular exercise and many more
  • Taking care patients and control their blood pressure
  • Giving medicines in correct time
  • Regularly checking the temperature body of patients, the pulse rate and the artificial limbs
  • Maintaining the area is hygiene and do cleaning
  • Running the daily basic errands day to day
  • Do vacuuming, laundry, change the beds, tidy up the room, and other simple daily tasks
  • Can work with passion and patience




Bachelor’s Degree in Home Health Aide Program



  • Can build good communication with people and can create warm relationship with patients and other people
  • Works with passion, compassion, empathy, and caring
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Put attention to details and time
  • Work with flexibility and honesty
  • Have great understanding in the medical field
  • Have strong physical stamina
  • Can perform great mentality and strong physic
  • Have educational background in the medic
  • Understand about medical terminology and know how to compose the information
  • Can work with team and build good social relationship
  • Have good writing and verbal skills
  • Know how to manage medic documentations


Home Health Aide Resume Sample

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