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One of the most common activities for students is doing homework. In fact, teachers often give homework to the students. Unfortunately, students often forget to do homework. To avoid forgetting this, you need to make a homework schedule template.

How to Write a Homework Schedule Template

Homework schedule should be made as simple as possible and also easy to understand. However, you have to know how to make it rightly. Therefore, in this article we will share step by step in creating this template. So, pay attention to the following guidelines.

Template 200h Schedule and HW 11.7.14 Sample

This kind of template should be presented with a table. Besides that, it is best served in weekly basis. In fact, usually the due date of homework is in a week. You can use Ms. Word or Ms. Excel simply. It depends on your desire. However, using Ms. Excel will be easier.

First of all, you should make a title. You can entitle the template “Homework Chart”, “Homework Schedule”, “Homework Reminder”, or something else like that. To make it more attractive, you can also add image of book or color it.

After that, you need to make a table that consists of some columns. Starts from the leftmost side, you can create Subject header on the table. On this column, you should list down the subject of the homework the teacher gives to you. You should be careful so that there is no subject missed.

Then, you should create columns for days. Here, the days mean when you have to submit the homework. Different homework may be required to be submitted on different days. So, you have to fulfill the table based on the due date of the homework.

With this homework schedule form, you can see when you have to submit your homework for each subject. So, you should do the homework a few days before the due date of the submission. For example, the Math homework must be submitted on Friday so that you should do it on Thursday.

You can also make hourly homework schedule if you want to be more detailed. Here, you have to state the specific time and activities before, during and after doing homework. If you have never made it before, you can see the following example.

For example, you may start from 03.30 to 04.00 for snack time. After that, 04.00 to 04.15 can be used to get ready for homework. Then, you can do your homework at 04.15 to 05.15. It is better to do homework from the hardest to the easiest one.

At 05.15 to 06.00, you must stop homework and prepare for dinner. You can also use this time for playing or something else. Then, you will have dinner at 06.00 to 07.00. If there is unfinished homework, you can finish it at 07.00 to 07.30.

After you finish your homework, you can watch TV, play games, read novel, or do anything else you want from 08.00 to 09.00. Then, 09.00 should be for bedtime. Now, you can make your homework schedule template with your desired model.


Template Editable Homework Study Timetable Schedule Word Format Sample Template homework chart Sample Template Homework Schedule Sample

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