Hostess Resume Sample

Hostess resume sample job description is to serve guests and take care of their needs in restaurant, nightclub or bar. The things one should do start from simply cheerfully greet them. Then, one has to take them to the table and prepare silverware and menu. Other than that, hostess has to monitor table rotation, keep track of clean tables and new guests, answer the phone, and take reservation.

Hostess Resume Sample

Lulucia Smeyer

8970 Robinson Court, Saginaw, MI, Phone: +1 (989) 561 2314


                                                Saginaw, MI

                                                03/2017 – present

  • Take care of particular duties and projects as commanded by the manager in charge of the place
  • Do side works when it is necessary for the need of the places, be it restaurant or even bar
  • Check on possible problems and have them discussed to avoid further issues in need to be taken care of.
  • Make report or simply inform the superiors, like assistant manager or team leader regarding the reservations
  • Greet the guests in the most courteous and attentive manner to make them feel comfortable
  • Provide assistance to the outlet or the assistant manager him/herself regarding the place’s administration


Phoenix, AZ

11/2014 – 01/2017

  • Manage the waitlist so the guests will be served in accordance with their order of coming to the restaurant
  • Design the entrance with efficient and timely seating for the guests and customers coming to the restaurant
  • Offer assistance in explaining the food and beverage in the menu and choosing the right one that meets their needs and expectations
  • Show gratitude to the customers for their coming to the restaurant and invite them to come back again
  • Report to the restaurant managers on time and in proper manner with good gesture and complete uniform


San Jose, CA

06/2010 – 10/2014

  • Respond wisely to variety of different situations in the workplace that one has to deal with on his/her own
  • Provide the customers with the menu, take their orders, and pass them to the Outlet Supervisor
  • Complete side work to make the kind of environment that is cooperative, organized, and well run
  • Come up with personal development plan and apply it in the workplace
  • Keep optimum sanitation by managing all of the stewarding operation
  • Do any related services necessary to serve the customers or to follow what’s ordered by supervisors


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Guest Service and Hospitality


  • Ability to work individually and work together with other members, including the superiors to serve the best for the customers
  • Good skills to communicate with all of the people involved in the workplace, especially the guests or customers to serve
  • Excellent personality and attitude that makes the guests feel comfortably served with attentive conduct and smart communication
  • Proper knowledge of Food Hygiene Regulations to ensure that the food and drinks are healthy to be consumed by people
  • Good standards of grooming to meet to be responsible of one’s own language and conduct in the workplace
  • Capability to work under pressure and meet the deadline of what’s scheduled on time for the day


Hostess Resume Sample

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