Resignation due to Hostile Work Environment and its Letter Sample

Imagine being competent and skillful at your work, but you end up being treated inaptly by your co-workers. Moreover, you will have to bear this kind of pain every time you go to work. The insufferable pain that you experience is likely to get the better of you if you do not take an action for it. You should get out of your current hostile work environment and get another job that will make you joyful for the sake of your soul and mind.

24.Resignation due to Hostile Work Environment

What is Resignation due to Hostile Work Environment?

Resignation due to a hostile work environment is a resignation in which you resign due to the misfortune of treatment coming from your unhealthy environment. Such hostility can be confirmed when an employee is abusively treated in terms of their race, sex, religion, physical or verbal assault. If an employee wants to resign in light of this condition, they should justify their unfortunate experience in regard to a hostile work environment under a shred of evidence.

Can You Sue Your Company for Hostile Work Environment?

The answer is no. Even if you were treated offensively, there is nothing you can do to sue your company over your well-being being threatened by your hostile work environment. You can, however, sue the company by using lawsuits for any downfall, such as termination due to the company’s struggling and whatnot. The best you can do is resign and go look for another job that is best suited in terms of the environment.

How do I write a Successful Resignation due to Hostile Work Environment Letter?

In most business situation, it is always important to observe every detail of your grammar and structure so that the eligibility of the letter can be viewed legit. Another thing to point out is don’t forget to address the name, date, and reason for leaving in a precise manner. Below is an example of a resignation letter due to a hostile work environment.

Dear, Mr. Stark


I am writing this letter as my official resignation from my position as a recruitment leader of Max company starting from 24th July 2020. In light of a recent unfortunate event, I decided to resign as I was treated wrongly, both physically and verbally. Most of my co-workers mocked my blindness and me being a terrorist covered in Islam. Furthermore, every day, some of them even took my money in my pocket forcefully and leave me behind without a shred of empathy.

I am truly sorry for this inconvenience that might cause a disadvantage to your company. Please accept this resignation letter into your consideration. I also hope that by bringing this matter to light, the company will foreshadow any upcoming unfortunate event. If you wish to discuss this matter further, you can reach out to me at 0192834748. I am available throughout the week.

Despite that, I am gratefully honored to be part of your team in the company. I admit that my progression has increased, and I obtained several positive elements that may be supportive for my next job.

Thank you

Sincerely Yours


Kyle Max


The Information above is all you need to get started on your resignation letter due to a hostile work environment.

Being in a hostile work environment is unhealthy for your progression and future. By writing the resignation letter, you can bring your matter to the light and make ease of your worries at the company.

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