HVAC Apprentice Resume Sample

HVAC Apprentice job description is basically a technician that has proficient capability and skills in handling the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The technician must be skillful in installing, maintaining, operating, repairing the HVAC system and know how to handle the cooling systems in various places such as residential homes, industrial areas, company buildings and many more.


Alec Adams

1220 Park Hall Avenue, Wentzville, MO, 63367, Phone: +1 (417) 855-6800



                                                Wentzville, MO

                                                02/2013 – present

  • Capable to provide excellent performance both in technics and operations that is seen through excellent written HVAC apprentice resume sample
  • Create the trainee program for new technicians
  • Handle the certification requirements for the company including following-up the new regulations and safety standards
  • Being responsible to hiring new staffs
  • Handle the average salary in the company
  • Do deep research about all aspects that related to HVAC service, technicians team, hiring, and company
  • Do pre-apprenticeship training and program for HVAC systems and controls
  • Capable to do installation and develop the methods for further HVAC service
  • Works the assigned tasks in organized way
  • Arrange the team assigned for the tasks
  • Ensuring the position works in the fundamental ways



Rolla, MO

09/2009 – 08/2013

  • Give preventive safety programs for new technicians
  • Involve in the community
  • Apply the procedures in safe and teach the new technicians to works under the safe regulations
  • Understand about latest and previous regulations, and capable to work under Occupational Health, Safety Act and environmental refrigerant laws
  • Can quickly handle the malfunction of the system
  • Can identify the problems that happen on the products
  • Capable to give right solutions for the problem and capable to implement the troubleshooting
  • Can diagnose the problem and tests it to give best repairing process
  • Provide best delivery time, safe, and effective service for clients
  • Understand about airflow meters, humidity recorders, voltmeters, and gas leak detectors
  • Can offer new product that is safer and greater
  • Arrange the schedule team for different assigned tasks from clients



Flint, MI

04/2004 – 06/2009

  • Capable to handle wide range of the HVAC systems and can control the methods as well as do the installation
  • Handling the cooling and heating system in the HVAC
  • Works with team and do the tasks very well
  • Do the install of the gas piping and organize the system methods
  • Offers various methods of ventilations
  • Can create communication and connect the string between company and clients excellently
  • Give extra attention to do repairing and capable to serve the information to customers in a good behavior
  • Capable to offer the new products and answer the questions that is given by the customers
  • Capable to take care of the customers and give good impression in the business engagement
  • Have experience in the work of the community



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Technology Management



  • Have proficient skills in building communication with people and clients
  • Have wide and strong knowledge in the technical field
  • Work with dedication and integrity
  • Capable to work with height like in ladders, lifts, roof buildings and more
  • Can outline the tasks responsibility in the team and capable to work along with team
  • Can do day-to-day activities and work under pressure
  • Capable to detect the position that fits with the skills
  • Can organize the works and work under HVAC system and methods
  • have great interpersonal skills that helps the service for customers and sales
  • works based on regulations and safety standards
  • capable to solve troubleshooting and taking care the troubles that may happen
  • have excellent understanding about HVAC technologies and want to learn something new



HVAC Apprentice Resume Sample




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