HVAC Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample

HVAC mechanical engineer resume sample is a good reference to help those who want to make a simple resume in continuing their career as a mechanical engineer. As we know, a resume is the first document that is used as the consideration in recruiting. By using a resume, a candidate is able to show their personal identity. Then, the resume is also able to used showing the skills, achievements and experiences of the candidate. Those three matters could be used to claim a candidate as the potential option to be recruited. Well, in this occasion, we will show you a sample of resume in becoming the mechanical engineer of HVAC. By knowing the sample, making a resume will be easier to do and you will know what to include inside it.

Sample of HVAC Mechanical Engineer Resume

Glenn Nourish

781732 Britney Turnpike, Chicago, IL. Phone: +1 (555) 781 6727


Senior Mechanical HVAC Engineer

Detroit, MI

06/2016 – present

  • Providing the assistance on the unusual problem and working for the application in order to get the professional judgment
  • Working closely with the office of GVL where the majority will execute the design working
  • Working closely with the client in the development of the criteria of design of any kind of projects
  • Responsible for the collaboration and communication with the project manager and the manager of discipline
  • Assisting in the development of the junior personnel
  • Independently performing all the tasks necessary in order to complete the elements of primary design for the working of engineering
  • Developing the technical articles for publication in the various life science trade magazine and journal

Mechanical HVAC Engineer

New York, NY

03/2012 – 05/2016

  • Applying the passion and enthusiasm for the design in the collaborative and the progressive team-oriented working environment
  • Performing the duties of construction administration, such as the review of shop drawing, response of RFI, inspection of construction and the respond to the questions from the clients
  • Working independently and making the technical mechanical decision based on the building interpretation of code and the practice of standard of company
  • Gathering and correlating the basic engineering data using the established and the well-defined procedures
  • Technical assistance for the construction costs estimates and the service of the construction phase
  • Ensuring the project working is undertaken in accordance with the corporate health and safety policies

HVAC Mechanical Engineer

Phoenix, AZ

11/2005 – 10/2011

  • Contributing to the development of overall business of the company including the written input on the proposal development
  • Providing the guidance of engineering and execution on the facilities and the projects of equipment
  • Creating and maintaining the all aspects of equipment design files
  • Performing the calculation, selection of equipment, design of system, layout of system, investigation of field and administration of construction
  • Developing the standard processes in order to evaluate the future capital of the project
  • Identifying the improvement and efficiencies of the maintenance of prevention for the facility


University of Cincinnati

Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering



  • Basic knowledge of the electrical system
  • Able to work at the level up 100ft high
  • Constantly able to use hands
  • Ability to read the blueprints and the printouts of computer
  • Good communication skill in both written and verbal
  • High attention to the detail


HVAC Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample

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