Illustrator Resume Sample

Illustrator resume sample is the best way for you who love to doodle all the time. This job will need a creative expression and good in graphic because you will become an illustrator. It is not just being good with a pencil because you have to work with the software. The illustrator will produce drawing for printed material, digital media, and other commercial product. Besides, this one also will be possible in any areas of the work such as advertisement, editorial, fashion, merchandising, and many others.

In this job, they need to connect to the clients and also discuss the job requirement. The essential qualification in this one will describe in most illustrator resume such as creativity, skills, arts, self-motivation, time management, and so forth. Therefore, if you are interested to be an illustrator, it is important for you to use this resume sample. You can feel free to use this resume sample because you will be better when you have sample to write the resume.

Illustrator Resume Sample

Paul Parker

234 Nicholson Street, Buffalo, NY Phone: (716) 998 8876


Experiences                                       illustrator, Keltex Graphic, Buffalo NY

09/ 2015 – present

  • Enhance the illustrations of the character beginning from the conceptualization phases and sketches to complete the design
  • Design and also advance the key art images to use in Keltex’s customers for packaging, print, advertising, and also web content
  • Make a new styles and methods for illustrator that will be used for the company’s key accounts
  • Demeanor the research and also trains relevant to the art styles that can be used as the reference points for the specific concept, ideas, and themes
  • Enhance the illustration that are intended to support, represent, and also send the client’s branding objectives
  • Change of the Accumark generated pieces of images to format compatible with Excel based tech pack worksheet
  • Drive advanced of typography for windows Holographic and VR

Illustrator, Kaleidoscope Komix, Buffalo, NY

03/ 2012 – 01/ 2015

  • Accomplished the project using the current industry-standard applications precisely adobe illustrator and Corel paint
  • Made and conceptualized the artworks and other art to be used in various print and digital media
  • Cooperated with directors, instructional developers, subject matter specialists and video animation production personnel.
  • Designed the page layout for designated schemes
  • Produced and advanced the publication employing pre-established publishing templates
  • Animated PNG game possessions with use of in house branded animation tool program
  • Controlled closely with game designers and also programmers to re-iterate, troubleshoot, and resolve
  • Create any necessary variations to ensure that the work is in keeping with the artistic vision

Education                                            University of Buffalo

Bachelor of Fine Arts


  • Understanding of image composition
  • Make high profile illustration for Blizzard’s IPs for a variety of purpose such as not limited the key art, magazine cover, and so forth
  • Working with the creative advancement of art lead to reach the necessary final image quality
  • Able to accept feedback and become accustomed to change
  • Excellent time management and multitasking skills
  • Skillful to communicate both oral and written communication
  • Ability to handle criticism
  • Disciplined, creative and focused
  • Highly proficient with adobe illustrator, adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Corel Painter

Illustrator Resume Sample

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