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Inventory is generally defined as a list of properties of an individual, agency, business entity, or company. Inventory lists are usually categorized based on the location where the items are stored. However, inventory that is not in the form of tangible goods, such as software, is registered separately.

The main purpose of making an inventory is to ensure that the entity that owns the inventory knows all information about its properties. Meanwhile, the other six objectives of making inventory are as follows:

Maintain accuracy and stock position.
Analyzing the value of products in the market.
Replacing or re-ordering products according to supply-demand.
Maintain a smooth operation.
Minimize production costs and optimize revenue.
Develop future plans for stored stock (analyze trends, produce / buy more items in demand, reduce production / purchase of unsold goods, stop producing unsold goods, etc.).

Because of the many advantages of inventory, you are required to make and update inventory lists regularly. The following are the procedures for creating an inventory list:

Download the sample inventory template that we have provided on this site. Choose the example that best suits your current business or desired goal. For example, if you want to use inventory lists to periodically record information about production stocks stored in warehouses, download the Warehouse Inventory Control Example Template.
Modify the sample inventory template in a word processing program or spreadsheet. Enter the detailed information that you have in the fields provided. If the information in the columns does not match the reality in the field, adjust it by editing the contents of the column.
Save the inventory list that you have created with an easily identified file name in a special folder. Communicate the location of this file with colleagues and superiors.
Print the inventory to paste it on the wall or save it in the desired location. For example, print an inventory list and hang it near the door in the storage room.

Here are the examples of inventory templates that you can use as reference:

Free Download Storage Inventory Sample

Use this template if you want to control the stock in the storage room.

Free Download Content Inventory Sample

Use this template if you want to register a property that is in a certain location.

Free Download Product Inventory Sample

Use this template if you want to track the latest information of the products that you want to sell.

Free Download Data Inventory Sample

Use this template if you want to register information that your business needs to operate.

Free Download Assets Inventory Sample

Use this template to list items that are owned by an entity

We have enough examples of inventory templates that we can make sure you get the template you need on You also don’t need to worry about having to download or buy certain software to access / open downloaded files. We have provided templates with popular file formats such as .docx, .xls, and .pdf. Stay up-to-date to get the latest inventory templates here because we often upload new examples of the current trends.

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