5+ Sample Inventory Tracking

If you want to monitor the data of your company, what you need is inventory tracking. It becomes an absolute solution for your business. However, it takes much time to create the template moreover if you have never made it before. In this article, you can see how to create it.

Award Inventory Tracking Template1


How to Write an Inventory Tracking

Writing an inventory tracking template depends on the type of business. For example, you want to create Verification Tracking Inventory, Project Tracking Inventory, Award Inventory Tracking, Inventory Verification Report, RFID Inventory Tracking System, Cost Tracking, etc.

Asset Tracking Inventory Template

In this article, we will give an example how to create a weekly project tracking template. Under the title, you need to provide name, title and week end. Then, you can start creating a table to provide the weekly project tracking information. In fact, inventory tracking is best presented using a table.

The table must have some columns. The first column should be filled with Priority (1-4), the second should be for Tasks, the third is for Hours, the forth is for the information of Time to Complete, the next is about Deadline and the last column is for Risk Factors. This is the example of simple table.

The table should be divided into 2 categories. The first is for Tasks in Progress. This one is placed at the top whereas the second is for Completed Tasks. Then, make the total at the bottom. This will really be very helpful and useful to track & monitor the weekly inventory of a project you have.

Another example of inventory tracking form we present here is Service Invoice Tracking Inventory. In this template, you should begin by inserting your logo. After that, provide some information including Name, Company Name, Street Address, City and Phone Number.

Besides that, you also still need to provide the Date, Invoice Number, Customer ID, Work Order and Payment Due. Make sure that you fulfill all those information provided on the template rightly. For the City, do not forget to include the ST ZIP Code, too.

Now, you can start creating a table. The table is very simple. There are only at least 2 columns you must provide. The first is for Description whereas another column is for Line Total. Then, you can write down the table. This will help tracking service invoice inventory easily.

If you want to make an Asset Tracking Inventory template, the table should start with 2 columns at the top providing the information about Asset and Location. Then those columns are still divided into some sub columns again.

The Asset is divided into Item No, Name, Description and Type. Then, Location has sub column for that describe Department. For the Department, you can fulfill it with the main office whereas the Type can be various such as TV, Printer, Table, Router, Chair, Computer, Desk, etc.

That is all what you need to know about Inventory Tracking. After you pay attention to the examples above, now it is your turn to make an inventory tracking template by your own depending on your business.


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