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IT is one of the most popular types of business today. If you have this kind of business and you want to keep tracking the tech under one’s possession, what you need is IT inventory template. You can find free template easily on internet but we will try explaining how to write it in this article below.

An Excel Template for Summery Of It Inventory


How to Write an IT Inventory Template

There are many types of business related to Information and Technology (IT). So, IT inventory form you will make should depend on that type. For example, you will make Data Center IT Inventory template, Computer Inventory & Maintenance template, Server IT Inventory template, etc.

Computer Inventory Form Download In PDF Format

In this article, we will learn how to write the template. Here, we will take an example of Computer Inventory form. This template should be presented with a table. It is very easy because the table is simple. Below are the rules you need to follow.

You can begin creating a table that consists of some columns. The first column can be filled with Hardware that includes CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Printer. The second column can be for Hardware Size and CPU & RAM Capacity.

The next column provides the information about Model Purchased. It is also important to provide the information of Serial Number. So, dedicate a column for it. Then, do not forget to include Date Purchased column. The last column should be for Cost or Price.

We also have an example of template for IT Inventory. It relates to Software Inventory. To make this template, you should provide basic information at the top of the template including Company Name, Date, and Total Inventory Value.

Here, the simple table at least has 7 columns. The first column is for the Name. For example, you can fulfill it with SuperProgram. The second column is for the Description. For example, you can describe it as Super program for editing, drawing, or something else depending on the software name.

Then, you should provide Version column at the third column. Make sure that it is the latest or newest version. For example, the latest version is The next column provides the information about Developer. For example, the software is developed by Way Cool Inc.

Next, you need to provide the column for Category. Here, you have to be able to describe the category of the software. For example, SuperProgram belongs to Graphic Design software category. So, you have to state it on the table available.

Do not forget to dedicate a column for Date. Date explains when you purchase the software. This purchase information should be fulfilled rightly. The last column is for Department. For example, the software program belongs to Design department.

IT Inventory template really helps you use, access, track, monitor, & even record the IT stock, sale, purchase, and even maintenance schedule with ease. These examples also help you create, define, track & plan a service maintenance system which can assist to access maintenance solution needed.


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