IT Project Coordinator Resume Sample

IT Project Coordinator job description is a position that requires ability to arrange the schedules of the project, create phases, arrange the service of the support, or the supplies, and capable to track progress. The person will need to report the about the progress and the pan to the project manager and department, means the person must be a good at doing teamwork and communication.

IT Project Coordinator Resume Sample

James J. Wilson

3690 Pretzel Lane, Grand Royals, Saguaro, AZ, 85001, Phone: +1 (602) 366-2687



                                                Scottsdale, AZ

                                                07/2015 – present

  • Capable to create well written and excellent experiences on IT Project Coordinator resume sample
  • Take the task to develop the project support and manage it with standard guidance
  • Can provide the guidance and support practice in the industry with the standard operation
  • Can work the project template and do the management of the project
  • Capable to develop, consolidate, and reconcile the managements and the resources of all the allocation reports
  • Provide the administrative documents for project managers and can coordinate the projects
  • Have great capability to run and work carious of projects that related to company
  • Can identify, file up documents and assess the risk of the projects and develop the strategy to build up the progress of the project
  • Can organize and execute the projects’ activity
  • Capable to create strategy to connect with stakeholders, sponsors, and clients



Phoenix, AZ

08/2010 – 06/2015

  • Can work with fast-paced and love challenge
  • Can adapt to new work environment and capable to handle various tasks
  • Have excellent ability to create communication with teams and departments in the company
  • Capable to assist the project management team
  • Can ordering and handling the equipment shipment
  • Have skill to assist the project and to coordinate internally and externally
  • Capable to find and work the onsite resources
  • Have great ability to assist the acquisition, installation and many more
  • Work with details and do audits about the documents
  • Completing the task in accuracy and works to create planning program



Tucson, AZ

05/2006 – 07/2010

  • Capable to do the project and coordinate the phases
  • Can arrange the schedules and support the service program
  • Can set the order and check the supplies
  • Have ability to track the progress and do report about the progress to the project manager
  • Can build great communication with team and run the job very well
  • Capable to connect with the department and company
  • Have great ability to create communication to developers especially those who offer the product
  • Can discuss and build meeting with marketing executive team
  • Can organize the project team and work professionally
  • Take the responsibility to ensure that the project runs well and completed within the budget



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Industrial Engineering Degree



  • Always show professionalism and dependable
  • Reliable and responsible to work
  • Have great communication skills and can improve the skills from time to time
  • Have excellent writing and verbal skills
  • Understand about the Reliability Compliance and RC tone
  • Work with details and do tasks in organize schedule
  • Capable to complete the work with the time lapses
  • Have strong will to work harder and improve the skills
  • Understand about basic computer skills
  • Capable to do project management tools
  • Have ability to create plan and organize the projects with details
  • Understand about Project Tracking software
  • Can support the service and arrange the plan
  • Capable to create schedules and coordinate the project


IT Project Coordinator Resume Sample

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