Itinerary Template Sample Description

Itinerary is a schedule of a series of events related to a previously planned trip. A travel plan usually specifies the destinations that you want to visit in specific times and the type of transportation used to get to these locations. Which includes travel plans are business travel plans, road trip itineraries, and proposed outline travel plans.

Itinerary can be a written framework about travel such as a travel journal, a travel diary, a guidebook containing information for tourists or visitors, and content for a travel itinerary site.

The following are some reasons why travel plans are very important for the smooth running of a trip:

1.) You don’t forget the essence of travelling

In your travel plans, you include important things that you will need when travelling such as clothing, medicines, toiletries, and emergency numbers.

2.) You have full power to control your finances

You can make travel plans as a guide to estimate travel costs. Thus, you will more easily manage your spending budget.

3.) You have certainty when travelling from one point to another

You must remember that you have limited time to travel and see the sights. You may not visit all interesting tourist sites in a city. Therefore, you should visit nearby places or take a one-way trip to save energy, time and money.

4.) You can prioritise your destinations

As mentioned earlier, you cannot visit all tourist attractions in just a few days, especially if the area you visit has many tourist attractions. Itineraries help you prioritise which attractions you really want to see.

5.) You can maximise your time

Travel plans ensure that you can manage your time to the maximum. A good itinerary includes travel time to travel objects. You must ensure that you allow time for unforeseen conditions such as weather and traffic conditions. Make your travel plans flexible.

Although you can use the information listed on the internet as a main guideline for making travel plans, it would be better if you consult with a travel agent who is sure to provide the relevant information. To help you, we provide a travel itinerary template which you can download for free here at

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