8+ Sample Itinerary Template DOC

Itinerary Template DOC: Varieties of Its Kind and How to Make One

People just love travelling, you know. Moving to different places is fun after all. However, having fun is not the only purpose they have. It could be for business purpose too. That being said, regardless of the purpose, you’ll still need to learn how to make or use itinerary template doc. Have you known it?

Templates agenda small club Example

This template is time table to plan for certain actions. In this case, it is the pre-fixed agenda used by travelers in general, although it has become widely used tool depending on the needs. That is why there are many varieties of the kind.

Variety #1 – Itinerary Template DOC

Let’s start from the one meant for vacation here. People don’t always have plan for one tourist destination only. There might be multiple cities or even countries to visit. If that is the case with you, you will need vacation itinerary template indeed. Make the destinations table first things first then.

Templates Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary Example

Fill the date, country, city, language, passport/visa, and notes. Next, make the second one. This particular one will be the transportation table. For it, you’ll need to include the date, from where to where, type, cost, and reservation.

Variety #2 – Itinerary Template DOC

Since it is time table we are talking about here, you can make daily or weekly plan by using this template too. Things will be more specific then. For daily plan, you can range the day from Monday to Sunday. Then, include the time range. You are free to include every single hour of the day within.

The weekly plan is not that much different though. You still have to range the days within a week, after all. Since you are going somewhere with certain purpose to do, it would be helpful to plan it like this. You won’t miss any then.

Variety #3 – Itinerary Template DOC

There are all sorts of travelling if we must say. If you plan for trip with separate legs, you could use cruise itinerary template for sure. It is the kind of plan where you can look at the entire trip plan at a glance. Its plan includes depart from where to where, fright/train, airline/carrier, and gate/terminal.

Templates daily planner 3 Example

There must be check in time, depart time, arrival time, and transfer Y/N too. If you are going with lots of people though, road trip itinerary template will be better. This template will include vacation details followed by the traveler list.

Variety #4 – Itinerary Template DOC

Are you going to plan for some event? Of course, there is itinerary template for event to make as well. It might be the most difficult variety to make. You can see how intense it could be after you take a glance at the template framework yourself. There are more details included in the template.

Templates event itinerary worksheet Example Templates holiday itinerary Example Templates vacation itinerary Example

Itinerary template doc of this kind starts with event name, event date and time, category/theme, contact person and phone, budget. Next, it is followed by invitations along with its own details and event location to finish the template.

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