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Job Acceptance Letter Details And Sample

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If you apply for a job vacancy, the only thing which stands between you & the starting new position is the acceptance. Here, you need a job acceptance letter then. So, let’s see how to create this kind of letter rightly with the following guidelines.

Tips to Make a Job Acceptance Letter

There are some tips in creating an acceptance letter. First of all, you have to keep in mind that the letter uses a professional format. The format is same with a business letter. In the letter, you have to provide the address & date at the beginning and address & signature at the end.

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Besides that, you also must identify the right recipient. You have to start the letter by stating the recipient followed by the title. You can simply write Dear Mr. (last name). You must also know the address of the recipient so that the letter can be sent to the right person.

To open the body of letter, you should clearly state that you accept the new position offered by the company. So, the sentences must be direct, clear and easy to understand. Besides that, do not forget to say thank & let the recipient know that you are excited for the chance.

The next paragraph must confirm the detailed position. Here, you have to state the title of the position. Besides that, let the recipient know about the supervisor, salary, and when he or she should start working at the company. You can also ask the recipient to give feedback about this letter.

After you accept & confirm the detailed position, you can close the letter now. For example, you can write If you need any additional document from me, let me know it. Then, I will start on (date). Make it as polite as possible to impress the employer.

After that, you should give the last words. Here, you can use a common closing phrase like Thanks, Sincerely, or other closing phrases. Do not forget to sign your full name at the end of the job acceptance letter. It makes the letter feels more polite.

Before you send this letter, you have to watch the tone. Make sure that you pay attention to the tone of your letter. This is the last opportunity to impress your new employer. So, make him or her not regret the decision to hire you in his or her company.

Do not forget to proofread once again. You should check the whole letter whether there are mistakes on grammars, punctuation, spelling, and other aspects or not. Keep in mind that this letter must be well-written & polished. It will really impress your new employer then.

Do not wait too long! You have to send this job acceptance letter soon. You may have about 2 days to write this letter. Then, the company will receive it. Let the company respond it. After that, it is time for you to impress your new employer through your performance at the office.


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