How to write a job change announcement letter?

A job change announcement letter is a document used to notify or to inform the clients and colleagues about the job change of a certain employee. It is usually about the change of job title or division or event moving on to the new company. Now, ensure you recognize some important information below about how to write a job change announcement letter.

181 How to write a job change annoucement letter

What to include in a job change announcement letter

When you are about to write a job change announcement letter, include some important things written below!

  • Open the letter with a self-introduction that includes name, job title, and company’s name.
  • Inform the new job title or position along with the date of the beginning of the new job. Ensure to write the information as clear as possible.
  • Express your gratitude to the previous job or company.
  • Include information about the new employee who will substitute your place in the previous company. Attach any contact information of both you and the new employee if necessary.
  • Close with a formal salutation and signature.

The format sample of writing a job change announcement letter

The format sample is pretty easy to follow. It consists of:

  • Formal head lettering. It could be adjusted based on what type of letter you are going to send. Either it is a physical letter or through emails.
  • Formal opening salutation
  • The first paragraph is informing your new job and the effective date.
  • The second paragraph is about the new employee that will substitute your role.
  • The third paragraph could be about the contact information to give to the clients or the colleagues dealing with the job change transition.
  • Formal closing salutation, full name, and signature.

When is the best time to announce a new job?

If you have decided to change into a new job, it means that you already make a final decision that you are going to leave the old job and continue to the new one. To do so, ensure to follow the procedures of job change provided by the previous company. Later, you’ll find out the guidance to start announcing your new job. If there is not any, then you may consult directly with the employer or manager about the best time for a job change announcement.

How to write a job change annoucement on social media?

Social media is one of the most used online platforms to communicate with others or to get the latest information about certain things. Here, the use of social media for an employee could be for sharing information dealing with the company to colleagues or even clients. Moreover, it could also be the best place to announce a new job. There are several things you need to keep in mind when you want to announce a new job on social media.

  1. Ensure to complete the matters you need to finish in the previous company. In other words, the resignation progress is clean and clear.
  2. Update the new job in all the social media platforms you have at the same time.
  3. No need to explain the reason for changing the new job.
  4. You may start to connect with your new colleagues on social media.
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