Junior Civil Engineer Resume Sample

Junior Civil Engineer job description gets the tasks to do the blueprints and the preparations, handle the specification sheets projects and take care of the small components as well as the large-scale undertakings. The person also needs to understand about computer programs, know how to assist drafts and create the projects elements as well as the material documentations specification.

Annelise Haverton

2117 Blue Ocean Avenue, Charleston, WV, 25606, Phone: +1 (681) 7899-88008



                                                Charleston, WV

                                                07/2018 – present

  • Understand about the frame work and skillful in the subjects of works, as well as participated in various projects like in the Junior Civil Engineer resume sample
  • Do the technical proposals and follow the construction procedures
  • Can achieve the target minimum in the financial industry
  • Give the effective performance and provide effective good implementation with good record keeping
  • Collect the data files, reports, construction date, and many more
  • Have involved in the alignment of the roads, terraces, and other work
  • Have been experienced in all works and projects level
  • Can assist the administration of the projects including the certified preparation, constructed date and more
  • Do the compliance with the Quality Management System
  • Understand about the frame works and have basic knowledge about Civil designer, engineer and works



Detroit, MI

05/2011 – 05/2018

  • Can assist the development of the plans, do review the data and the performance of the work
  • Can set and assist the budgets of the project
  • Do the assigned duties based on the Projects Engineering and follow the technical guide
  • Prepare the infrastructure of the data, developing projects, statement of works, and the estimation
  • Can do collection and interpret the data and the project design basis
  • Can assist the infrastructure projects and do monitoring
  • Understand about the pipework, pipeline, water hammer, pump selection and many more
  • Can undertake the date planning and do the engineering work that is designed by the team and the company
  • Can assist the supervision of the construction of the projects based on the projects leaders and follow up the improvement with the engineers
  • Ensure that the projects instruments such as design and data has been checked and documented



Jackson, MS

05/2007 – 03/2011

  • Do collect the data, interpreting the entering data, and performance detailed engineering
  • Understand about the project design and capable to develop it
  • Know about basic civil and structural engineering design as well as do the analysis of the documentations
  • Capable to create foundation, paving, structures, and others in the scope of works
  • Have 3 years experiences in the field
  • Works under regulations, have citizenship and know about state restriction
  • Have intern experience in the industrial equipment and installations including creating the lay out
  • Have done various project management activities
  • Have provided excellent service to clients under the quality management system
  • Works by ensuring the operational standards and safety plans




                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Civil Engineering



  • Have great leadership, management skills, analytical thinking, and great technical skills
  • Have excellent communication skills for both verbal and communication skills
  • Have skills to do negotiations, and communication business to partners
  • Have creative and critic mind
  • Can assist material take offs, offer service excellence, and operational standards
  • Understand about industrial equipment, installations, and layout
  • Have great excellent experience in the engineering fundamentals exams and capable to create plan
  • Can do documentation works and reports
  • Can analysis and develop the work documentations including paving, strong water, sanitary, and more
  • Have great management skills, analytical thinking, and technical skills
  • Have great problem solving
  • Work with dedication and enthusiasm


Junior Civil Engineer Resume Sample


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