8+ Printable Landlord Inventory Template

As a landlord, it is very important to always keeping a track of all documents, payments, amenities, and fixtures related to the properties rented. Therefore, you have to be able to create a landlord inventory template. It eases you to record detailed activities related to your business of rent.

Flat Inventory Template


How to Write a Landlord Inventory Template

Landlord inventory form should depend on what you rent. Different types of rent business will have different templates of landlord inventory. So, you have to understand about your rent business before deciding to make this template.


Flat Inventory Template for Rented Prpperty

There are also many kinds of properties you may rent. It also affects how you present the landlord inventory. For example, you can begin with the title Furnishing Model Inventory. There will be some categories of furnishings you need to present.

Now, you can start creating a table. The table consists of 3 columns. The first column is for the classification of furnishings based on the room. The second column is number or the amount of the furnishing and another column is for description that explains the condition of the furnishings.

You can start from living room furnishing such as sofa, TV, arm chair, carpet, blinds, curtains, lamp, table, etc. Then, state the number or amount of each item and describe the condition of them all. Actually, there are still many other furnishings related to living room.

Then, continue with bedroom furnishings. Bedroom furnishings may include bed, wardrobe, lamp, blinds, carpet, etc. You may have more than one bedroom and they may have different furnishings. So, you have to mention the furnishings for bedroom 1, bedroom 2, and so on.

Next, a landlord inventory also usually includes kitchen furnishings. There are many furnishings related to kitchen you may rent. Some of the most popular items are such as sink unit, washing machine, cooker, fridge, cutlery, pots & pans, table & chairs, and others.

Sometimes, you also provide furnishings on exterior. For example is wheelie bin. The exterior furnishing certainly will raise the cost of rent. However, it all depends on the condition of the furnishings available in the house both inside and outside.

Those are the most common furnishings from main rooms in a house. If you still have another room with some furnishings, you should add them completely. Make it as detailed as possible but keep it simple so that you can keep a track your rented furnishings easily.

After you provide the list of standard items above, you have to make sure that both parties agree. The agreement should be marked with signatures. So, both parties need to sign this template. Do not forget to state the date of signing and the full names of both landlord and tenant.

That is all how to create a landlord inventory template. Now, it is your time to create your own template. With this template, you can enjoy your land-lordship. In fact, it really helps you check and monitor your properties rented to other people or parties.


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