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Landlord Rent Receipt Template Guidelines

To make sure that a landlord gets paid by his or her tenants during the period of rental, it is important to create a landlord rent receipt. This document is really beneficial for both parties. It shows the tenants how much money they have to pay to the landlord for the rental services.

Sample Blank Rent Receipt Templates


How to Write a Landlord Rent Receipt

In writing a landlord rent receipt form, you have to make sure that it includes all the needed information. Different rental businesses may require different details of information to be included on the receipt. Anyway, here are the most common required details of information to be provided.

Sample House Rent Receipt Templates

The first information to be included on this receipt is the full name of landlord. If the landlord is a company or office, it should be the name of the company. Even though it is enough to only include the landlord’s name, it is better if you include the contact information like address and phone, too.

After that, what you need to include is the full name of the tenant. Usually, the tenant is an individual but it can also be a company. Besides the tenant’s name, you can also add the tenant’s contact information such as address, phone number, and any other needed contact information.

Then, this receipt should also include the address of the rented property. Make sure that it is the complete and clear address including the city and zip. The address can be the name of road, building number, and any other details of the address.

A landlord rent receipt template should also include the specific date when the tenant made or will make the payment. Sometimes, the tenant prefers advance payment but some other tenants prefer making payment later. In this case, you have to make the due date.

Still related to the payment, you also need to describe the payment period of the rent. It depends on your company as the landlord. For example, you let the tenant to pay weekly, monthly, or even annually. Here, you also have to be clear about the specific time for each payment.

Next, what you need to include in the receipt is the total amount paid for the rent. If the tenant has paid some money in advance for the deposit, you have to state it clearly on the receipt. And the remaining amount can be paid later based on the due date.

In addition, you cannot forget including the method of payment. State the payment method made by the tenant. If there are some remaining amounts of money to be paid, you also have to state the acceptable methods for payment such as cash, using credit/debit card, etc.

In the last part, a landlord rent receipt must have signatures. Let both landlord & tenant to sign off the receipt form as the form of agreement from both parties. The signatures must be handwritten and official whereas the names of both parties should be typed.


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