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If you have a plan to lease a place, you have to keep any document that relates to the lease. One of them is lease receipt template. This document should be given to a lessee by the landlord, the property owner or the cash register. Here, we will learn how to make the proper template.

Sample Lease Payment Receipt Templates


How to Write a Lease Receipt Template

Lease receipt form should be given to a lessee of a residential unit, a commercial property, or other spaces for rent. If you know the format, you can actually make the template easily. There are some types of lease receipt but the formats are same. This template must include the elements below.

Sample Lease Termination Templates

One of the information you have to include in the template is the space description. Here, you have to describe the space rented. The description may relate to the space location, space wide, space surroundings, space condition, etc.

Besides that, you also need to include information about the lessee. At least, you provide the name of the lessee. If needed, you can also add any other kind of information related to the lessee such as the lessee’s address, contact info, etc.

Then, you also have to clearly state the total amount that is paid by the lessee. There are 2 ways how you state the total amount. The first is way is using numbers whereas the second option is using words. Or you can state it by both numbers and words.

A lease receipt should also include the payment date. It is the date of payment when the space was received. So, make sure that you only make this receipt template after the payment was received by the landlord.

Next, it also must be described clearly about the method of payment. Payment method can be in credit, check, or cash. It depends on the agreement between the landlord and the lessee. Anyway, you must inform it clearly.

After you provide the name of the lessee, now you should provide the landlord’s name. Make sure that the property landlord’s name is original and full name. To ensure about it, you can check it based on his or her identity card.

Actually, it must not be the name of the landlord. Alternatively, you can include the name of one who received the lease payment. In fact, sometimes the landlord and the payment receiver are different persons.

After all those information are included in the template, you should provide the date when this form is created. It can be different between the date of payment and the date of creating a receipt. So, it must be clearly stated in the template of the lease receipt you make.

Lastly, you should end up the lease receipt template with signatures. It includes the landlord and the money receiver’s signature. It aims to make this form valid. You cannot be wrong; it is the signature of the one who received the payment, not the one who becomes the landlord, if they are different.


Sample Residential Lease Templates

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