Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee

If an employee has dedicated themselves to performing an excellent job, the boss or supervisor is able to send them a letter of appreciation to the boss about the employee to appraise their hard work. For those who want to know more about how to write a letter of appreciation to the boss about an employee, ensure to read the following paragraphs briefly explained below.

82 Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee

How to Praise An Employee to A Boss?

Before you begin to create a letter of appreciation, ensure to pick wisely on the employee that you are going to appreciate. In other words, you have to be able to explain clearly the reasons for why to choose the employee for the appreciation letter. The employee should be someone that has finished wonderful jobs with full responsibility and a loyal personality.

How to Write A Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee?

Follow some useful tips and steps below to create a nice letter of appreciation to the boss about the employee.

  1. Apply the formal lettering format

A letter of appreciation also uses a formal lettering format like many other formal letters. As a result, starts the letter with the contact information such as date, name, and job title. If it is sent through email, the opening salutation will be preferable to begin the letter. Ensure to type within formal letter formatting to leave a nice impression on the praised employee.

  1. Inform the main objective of the letter

In the first paragraph, inform the recipient about the main objective of the letter which is to appreciate the employee for their excellent job. Deliver the message in formal language.

  1. List the employee’s great achievements

After expressing the appreciation words, the next thing to include in the letter is the reasons that explain why the employee should be appreciated. Describe the employee’s excellent achievements, professionalism, and other best working qualities and also their loyalty to the company.

  1. State the reasons based on facts

To support the reasons written in the letter, you may provide some best examples related to the employee’s working qualities. It will sound more convincing and real when the examples are applied in the letter of appreciation.

  1. Close the letter with a formal expression

To end the letter, you may express another appraisal word to the employee, and don’t forget to include a closing salutation along with your signature and complete name underneath.

Samples of appreciation expressions in the letter of appreciation

Here are some sample words of appreciation expressions to use in the letter of appreciation to the boss about the employee.

  1. Thank you for all the work hard you give daily. It is all greatly recognized and appreciated!
  2. Thanks for being so hard-working and dedicated to your job! We appreciate your achievements!
  3. Thank you for helping out in promoting the ABC project. We are so glad and truly appreciate having you on our team.
  4. We want you to know how impressed we were with how you handled the delinquent accounts.
  5. I’d like to convey my appreciation to you for a very helpful attitude and exceptional work during the company’s promotional activities.



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