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Letter of interest is a document a job seeker needs to submit with a resume. Because many jobs require this document, you have to be able to make it. Of course, it needs many tips and techniques to make a good one so that this letter can help you to convince the boss to hire you.

Tips to Make a Letter of Interest

Before creating a letter of job interest, you have to know what to pay attention. First of all, you have to learn the purpose. Sometimes, the company requires this letter from the job seeker. If not, you can send this letter to sell you to the prospective employer.

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If the company does not require this kind of letter, you can skip it. However, if it can lift the chance to be hired, this should be included in your job application. Last, you have to research the company you want to apply. It includes the background, service, product and even culture.

 How to Write a Letter of Interest

There are some steps to follow in writing a job interest letter. Starts from the first paragraph, you should explain why you write the letter. Continued to the second paragraph, you need to market yourself as well as your qualifications. Here, you must describe your skills that meet the requirement.

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In writing this letter, you have to avoid clichés. In this case, you also cannot write anything out of the box. It does not only relate to clichés but also lacks concrete details. So, you have to be specific in writing your letter.

For the 3rd paragraph, you need to conclude the letter. Besides that, you also should provide contact information. Contact information may include phone number, email address or any other information related to your contact. So, the company will be able to contact you easily later.

After the conclusion, you should close the letter. Simply, you can close it by saying thank you. Anyway, you should establish yourself as a professional and respectful person even if there is no free position available in the company.

Last but not least, you have to keep it to a page or even less. Longer letter will make it not interested and the boss may be too busy to read too long writing. So, make sure that your letter is simple and clear but still interesting.

Before you print it out, it is very important to proofread the letter. You need to go over the letter before you send it to the prospective company. In writing the letter, passive verbs should be avoided. On the other hand, you should use the active ones.

Still related to proofreading, you should pay attention to any misspelling sentences, typos, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, etc. So, your letter will be perfect to send to the company. If your letter is perfect, of course it can be a consideration, too.

That is all how to make a letter of interest. With the tips and step by step above, you can practice creating your interest letter and apply it to the prospective companies. It does not matter whether the company offers job vacancy or not, hope good luck for you!


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