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Living Will Template and What to Know Inside It

The living will template is an important document in the field of medical. Yes, this document could be something to make before you make the decisions regarding the medical care. Something that you need to know, it is very useful especially when you are unable to do communication.

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In the field of this letter, each state has their own laws to arrange the detail of document of living will. However, in this writing, we will talk about the general guideline in making the document. Of course, the guideline could be something useful to help you making a best document.

There are some points to know inside it that will lead you to get ability to make a good document. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

What is Living Will Document?

To know more about the detail of living will template, for the first you need to know what the living will document is. It is a document that will be used to describe how the family members of a person will apply the medical decisions when there is an issue related with the health condition.

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This document will be very useful, especially when the patients deals with a life threating illness. Something that you need to know, this document should address three main topics, as:

  • Life support
  • Treatment that’s life sustaining
  • The person’s end of life wishes

When to Use a Living Will Template

Of course, you need to know the time to use the document. Yes, there are some conditions that you are able to apply the detail of living will template. The times to use this document are:

  • When you want to provide the kinds of instruction regarding what the prolonging of life or what the doctor says in order to save the life of patients
  • When you want to make an outline of what the detail treatment or the medical care doctors would give you at the end of your life
  • When you have the schedule of surgery or gave a procedure of medical which has a very high risks
  • When you are suffering from the terminal condition or when you are entering the hospice care

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Based on the points as above, we may see that there are some certain times that this document is needed. Of course, you need to underline the exact time of using it.

Essential Elements of Living Will Document

To make a good document of living will, you need to know some elements inside it. Yes, there are some elements to be added inside this document to make a clear statement. The elements to insert inside this document are:

  • The directive of health care
  • The life support
  • The treatment of life sustaining
  • The end of life wishes
  • The medical power of attorney
  • The witness acknowledgement
  • Notary acknowledgement

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Well, that is all about the document of living will that you need to know. You may do some researches in order to find the right sample of living will template. Hopefully it will be useful for you all.


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