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Loan Agreements Templates Guidelines

If you want to apply for a loan, you will need to deal with many documents. One of them is a loan agreement. Loan agreements templates must be written by your own even though you will use some tools. In this article, we will guide you how to write it.

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How to Create a Loan Agreement

To create a loan agreement template, firstly you have to include both borrower’s & lender’s names to make the relationship clear. Besides that, you will also need to include the date when the loan agreement was made and also other dates like due date for the repayment.

Templates Commercial Construction Loan Agreement Sample

Then, you also cannot forget to include the terms of the loan agreement. They may relate to the things loaned, amount, rate of interest, and many more. One more, you cannot forget to include the consequences which can be incurred because of the failure to pay the loan.

This kind of agreement has some characteristics. First, it lists the terms & conditions which regulate the loan to establish the obligations of both parties. Second, it specifies the rate of interest as well as the deadline for the loan repayment. It aims to give time to the borrower to repay it.

Third, it starts consequences in order to make this agreement document legal & binding. It also ensures both parties to comply with the agreed terms. Anyway, you have to make sure that you meet all of these characteristics to make your loan agreement document effective.

Loan Agreement Template Format

There are many different types of loan agreement and they have different formats. For example is mortgage loan agreement where it lets the borrower to make a loan for real estate. If you want to make it, you have to include the purposes of real estate first.

After that, you must include lien that refers to properties being held as collateral against the loan. Then, you also must describe the repayment including the amount, and due date. You also must describe bot borrowers & lenders clearly. If you want to make other kinds of loan agreement, it will be different.

Another popular example is business loan agreement. This agreement can take secured loan, mezzanine finance or asset-based lending. Secured loan consists of providing collateral for a given loan that will have to be calculated before the loan is made.

Mezzanine finance is where the collaterals consist of shares in the company. Asset-based lending consists of particular collateral. The most common examples are high end products like luxury goods. So, if you want to make a business loan agreement, you have to know the type of agreement first.

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That is all about loan agreements templates. This article has discussed everything about it. You can use the template to make your own loan agreement. You can also use it as a sample to inspire you in writing a loan agreement. You may also consider it as a reference material if you want to apply a loan.

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