10+ Sample Loan Receipt Template

How to Fill up a Loan Receipt Template

If someone informs the receipt of a certain amount of cash from a lending company or insurance, he or she will need to sign a loan receipt template. It aims as an acknowledgement proof. It is same with other commercial forms. However, you have to know the formats well.

Sample Cash Loan Receipt Templates


How to Write a Load Receipt Template

Loan receipt agreement template is a contract that involves 2 or 3 parties where one party asked a loan from the 2nd party. The concept can be detailed explicitly in different scenarios. Let’s see the following sample scenarios.

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The first is in civil cases. It happens when a person is allowed to loan cash from others without any interest. Then, the cash will be returned just when he or she can receive money or cash from a liable party.

The second is in commercial cases. It happens when an assured person received cash from an insurance company. Then, the letter can be pain if only the assured person gets his or her shares from the 3rd party. After the payment is received, the insurance can issue a payment receipt.

You can find many samples of loan receipt form on internet. Even though they may have different contents, they still have the same format. For the proper format and rules, you can see the following guidelines below. So, you can make the template by your own.

The first is “Received form”. It signifies the name of the insurance company that released or issued the money. Here, you should provide the official and legal company’s name clearly. Make sure that the name is complete, not only the abbreviation.

Besides that, you also need to fill up “The sum”. It is the monetary value or amount which is involved in the loan transaction between the insurance company that release the money and the person who received it.

The next is “Stipulations”. You can also call it as terms & conditions that are legal & binding. The terms & conditions for a loan receipt can be seen as follow. They include Manner of Disbursement of the amount of the loan and the calculation & payment of interest & other charges.

Besides that, the terms & conditions also include repayment schedule, the borrower obligation, cancellation and also other terms & conditions that refer to any other factor needed for the contract consummation.

Still in the template of loan receipt, you also need to include the date. What I mean about the date is when the transaction of loan has transpired. It is not the date when the receipt form or template is created.

Then, you also have to provide the information about the recipient. Recipient is the person who acknowledged to have received the cash or money. The entity or person may issue the money or cash receipt in return, then.

Last, you should provide the detailed contacts of the recipient. Besides the recipient’s name, you should include his or her address, phone number, or other contact information in the loan receipt template.


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