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A good and attractive magazine cover can increase magazine sales circulation. Because of this, since ancient times, people did not design magazine covers carelessly. Those who are assigned to make magazine cover designs must have extensive and in-depth knowledge of aesthetics, placement, typography, to the psychological profile of the target market (potential readers). It’s no wonder that not many people can design a great magazine cover. In order to create a magazine cover that sells, you should learn from the experts and the best in their fields.

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What SHOULD be in a magazine cover template

1. The magazine name must be in the most obvious position

Position the title in the most prominent place, usually at the top center. The layout should be organized around the magazine name. By placing the name of the magazine in the most obvious location, people immediately know the name of the magazine. This eliminates the need for them to look for a long time when browsing the rows of magazines at bookstores or magazine counters. Maintain the brand name of the magazine by using a unique but easily recognizable logo.

2. Use same magazine cover template for all magazine issues

You must have the same cover template for all magazine issues you want to print. This cover template becomes the general template for the magazine cover template. Even so, at the same time, every issue of the magazine should look quite different from the previous one. Don’t let the reader miss the latest issue of his favorite magazine just because the magazine cover is similar to the previous edition. Therefore, it is important to design magazine issue dates on magazine covers that are readable.

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3. Looks neat and professional

Take advantage of the grid to organize and align elements of your design so it looks neat and professional. Define a point to focus your magazine cover design around. In fashion magazines, for example, models become the focus point of magazine covers.

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4. Readable font style

Play with the existing font style options. Take advantage of bolds, italics, and appropriate colors to grab the reader’s attention. Emphasize “powerful” words such as new, free, exclusive, bonus, and gifts.


What SHOULD NOT be in a magazine cover template

1. Poor color and contrast

Unclear color choices can obscure the writing on the magazine cover. Red is the color most often used to make element designs pop-out.

Magazine Cover psd templates

2. Busy backgrounds

If the backgrounds are too complex, such as too many colors or patterned, it will make the headlines difficult to read. So, avoid this by ensuring that the model photo is transparent (so that it can be easily edited in Photoshop) or a landscape photo with a solid color.

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