3+ Merchandising Agreement Templates Sample

How to Write Merchandising Agreement Templates Step by Step

If you have made a logo and product, you will still need to create a merchandising agreement. This is a written document which gives you the license to use an intellectual property & trademarked image on the products the merchandise sells. Merchandising agreement templates also outline their duties.

Step by Step in Creating a Merchandising Agreement Template

If you want to write a merchandising agreement template, you will need to follow the step by step below. First of all, you have to create an outline of how you will draft the merchandising agreement. Therefore, you will understand what you should write later.

To start writing, you should provide the introduction. In the introduction, you have to identify the parties involved in the agreement. Besides that, it also includes the date of agreement as well as the date of writing document. Make sure that you write their full names rightly & clearly.

After that, you will need to determine the intellectual property. This section includes the trademark of the product as well as its registration. Keep in mind that you cannot go into too detail in describing the intellectual property because it may put you at high risks.

Then, what you need to do is to describe the products. Make sure that describe all of the products being licensed in this agreement as detail and clear as possible. You can attach images in the description, too. It is also a good idea to provide an exclusivity of the product uses.

Next, writing a merchandising contract template also requires you to put geographic boundaries. It states the locations of the products that can be distributed from certain channels. In this section, you must also state clearly whether the products can be distributed outside its origin area or not.

The next step is to state the granted rights. They are things the merchandisers can do with this agreement. They can be exclusive & non-exclusive. Non-exclusive rights are where the merchandiser can enter into other merchandising agreements & make or sell similar products. It must be decided wisely.

What you have to do next is to determine the contract duration. It is very basic to state how long the agreement is effective. It may last up to one year or even longer. No matter how long the agreement its, all parties have to abide by the rules that are stated clearly in this agreement.

You cannot forget to state the payment agreement. It relates to the amount to be paid and how it is paid. List of warranties & assignments should also be included in the agreement where it outlines the promises of both parties to perform their responsibilities & duties in the agreement.

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Lastly, merchandising agreement templates require you to specify the consequences of breaching the agreement. If agreement breach happens, it cannot be stopped. It must be clear about the penalties given. There will also be remedies then. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for you all.

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