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Money Cash Receipt Template Inclusions

When a transaction happened, a buyer & a seller want to know the detailed information about how much the item costs, what the items are, when it happened, etc. The only way to acquire this information is with a transaction receipt. We can also call it as money cash receipt template.

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How to Write a Money Cash Receipt Template

After you know that money cash receipt form is very important, then you need to learn how to make it. The receipt functions as a document of contract agreement where both seller & buyer agreed on the transaction finalization and understand what is to take place.

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In writing the receipt, you have to make sure that the template contains all the needed key elements. The first information to provide in the template is the details of vendor. It is the basic info of the company or person that sold a service or product to a buyer.

This may include the seller’s name, complete address and also complete contact information such as phone number, email address, etc. If you work for a company, it should be your manager’s name or the business owner’s name.

Besides that, you must provide the detailed information of the vendee, too. Vendee means buyer. Make sure that you do not make mistake when writing his or her name. Therefore, you cannot be wrong in spelling the buyer’s name.

Then, a money cash receipt should also include the transaction date. Both the seller & buyer will need the information when a transaction takes place. Make sure that you write the exact date of transaction. If needed, you can state the day, month and year, too.

You also cannot forget to provide the product details. In this section, you should put in the details of the service or product that you sell to the buyer. Here, you will have to describe the product sold. For example, you can begin with the name of the product.

Then, you can continue describing the manufacturer that produces it. It is also important to state its color. If any, you can include the product number, too. Providing these details will be very important if one is required to prove what product was bought in a particular transaction.

The next information to be provided in the template is amount paid. It is the numbers which matter to both the seller & buyer because it tells them how much they lost & gained respectively. In writing it, you should break it down into original price, tax, labor charges, discount, and total amount.

One more, you must describe the payment method, too. In this case, you have to make sure that the method of payment is cash, considering that we are discussing about money cash receipt. Even though it has been clear, you still need to state it.

Once you finish writing up the money cash receipt template, you have to let it to be signed off by both seller & buyer. The signatures must be original & hand-written. These signatures are needed to make the template valid.


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