5+ Monthly Shift Schedule Template Sample

A company that provides services to customers in longer hours than other industries will need a monthly shift schedule template. This schedule helps the employees know about their working schedule in shift.

How to Write a Shift Schedule Template

Making a monthly shift schedule usually depends on some items. The first is the job requirements needed to be completed per shift. The second is the shift numbers a company has regarding to the operational guideline. The third is the company’s employees subjected to the schedule shifting.

Template Employee Monthly Shift Schedule Sample

The next is the time frame the different shift schedules follow. One more, it is about the company operation condition which depends on the time of the day. Below, let’s see the more detailed step by step in making the template.

Starts from the leftmost column, you should create a header named Staff. On this column, you need to list down the name of the employees. Besides that, it is also better to state the position of each employee. Make sure that you include all employees wholly.

For the next columns, you should add headers for days and dates. For example, you can begin with Monday 18, followed with Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20, Thursday 21, Friday 22, Saturday 23, Sunday 24, and so on and so forth.

Then, you should fulfill the monthly shift planner template completely. For example, employee 1 works on Monday 18 at 03.00 to 07.00 a.m., Wednesday 20 at 03.00 to 07.00 a.m., etc. Then, employee 2 works on Tuesday 19 at 07.00 – 11.00 a.m, Thursday 21 at 11.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m., etc.

Make sure that your employees have the same or at least similar numbers of working hour in a month. After you fulfill it all completely, you can print it out and have some copies for each employee in your company.

Having a monthly shift schedule is very important for a company. This template really helps all employees to know the work schedule to be followed. That is why you have to distribute the copies of the template to all employees. You also need to paste it on a board in the company.

Besides that, it also lets the supervisor or manager of the company to distribute the tasks equally to the employees. Then, they can do the tasks well. One more, this also really helps the company or organization to be more and more productive by planning the monthly schedule for all employees.

There are many industries or companies that may need this monthly shift schedule. One of them is resort or hotel. Most hotels have shifting schedule, especially for customer service operation, house keeper and front liner. In fact, most hotels open 24 hours because many people check in at night.

Besides, hospital or other medical facilities also usually need to make a monthly shift schedule template because emergencies may come anytime. One more, this may also be needed in BPO industries. And there are some other industries that follow shifting work time. Therefore, they all need this, too.


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