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In business, name tag is always needed. It is also often needed in personal settings. Creating a name tag template can be a fun task if you know how to do it. In this article, we will share the guides in creating a name tag. Of course, it will be very useful for your business or any other purpose.


Tips to Make a Name Tag Template

Name tag form can be made using Ms. Word. There are some steps you have to follow. First of all, you have to open Ms. Word on your computer. After that, open a new document. Some versions require you to choose “Labels”.

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After you are on the Ms. Word new document, you have to go to Mailings menu. This menu can be found on the toolbar from File. Once you click it, there will appear new options. If you use Ms. Word with older version than 2007, the process will be different.

When you go to Mailings, there are 2 options that will appear. They are Envelops & Labels. In this step, what you need to choose is Labels. Once you click it, a box will open letting you create various adjustments. On the Envelopes box, you will see a tab.

In the Labels, you will find so many settings and buttons. Here, you have to find Options button. After finding it, click that button. It is located on the bottom middle of the box. From this button, yo8u can create adjustments for the labels you will use.

In the box of Options, you can see a small rectangular. There, you can select your labels brand. Then, click on that box and look at the label package & find the brand name in the vendor lists. Then, select it. For example, you will use US Letter size.

Now, what you need to select the number of the specific product you use to your labels pack. It must be 4 digits with large numbers. You can find it on the package & select it from the list. For example, you buy 1565 Shipping Labels.

After you enter the Label Vendor & Product Number, you have to check what you have selected before. If everything is right, you can continue to the next step in making a name tag. To close the box, you should click OK.

After you select the correct labels, you can start creating your own name tag. To start it, you just need to click the button of New Document. You will see a sheet of label that lets you type what you want to each separate label box.

Name tag requires you to provide your name & information you want. For example, you can include your job titles. Besides that, it is also a good idea to add a name of department. Anyway, keep it simple but informative.

After you provide the information you want, now you can print it out. That is all how to make a name tag template. It is easy, is not it? Now, you can practice creating your own name tag by following the guides above.



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