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Name tag is a badge or sticker that is used by someone to show their name to other people so that other people can recognize them. Name tags can be temporary or permanent. Temporary name tags are usually stickers affixed to clothes.

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In English speaking countries, name tags are sometimes easy to spot because they have an iconic image that says “Hello! My Name Is (name tag owner)”. Meanwhile, permanent name tags can be name badges made of plastic or light weight metal. These name badges are worn or attached to clothes using pins or magnets.

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Name badges and name tags are commonly worn by employees who work in customer service such as supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and shops. Employees in companies that meet a lot of public, such as employees of banks, universities, and other companies who do not have a uniform may also use name tags as a sign that they are from that company or organization.


The following are the types of name tags that are commonly found

Classic name tags

The main purpose of a name tag is for the purposes of identifying the person wearing it. Name tags can be the opening of a conversation between employees or employees with customers. Name tags add credibility and professionalism to the person wearing them.

Classic name tags have a simple and basic design. You can download the Classic Name Tags Template on our site for free and then customize it according to your needs.

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Custom Design Name Tags

Sometimes, classic name tags don’t quite represent the information you want to convey in them. For this reason, Custom Design Name Tag Templates are quite popular.

Use plastic as material for making name tags so it is easy to use and durable. The text of the name is usually embossed on the plastic so that it is clearly visible. Indeed, plastic embossed name tags are more expensive than ordinary name tags from stickers. You may also need to order it at the printer. However, this type of name tags is more durable than the name tags of stickers.

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You can also use metal to create name tags. With this metal material, your name tags should last a very long time. Metal name tags are usually ordered from professional engravers. There are three types of metal-finished name tags; lacquer, mirror, and smooth.


What SHOULD be in a name tag template

Themes relevant to the intended use

Choose a template with a specific theme that matches the event that is being held or the job you have. For example, if you design name tags to be worn by a race committee, you can add runner images to decorate your name tags.

name tag psd templates

Reflects the company’s image

If name tags are used as identifiers in a professional setting, choose a template that will allow you to add your company or agency logo. That way, you can advertise the company or agency you work for for free, at no additional cost.


What SHOULD NOT be in a name tag template

Does not have fonts and colors that reflect the company’s image

Every company certainly has a stylesheet that discusses the logos, fonts, and colors used in each of their documents. Stick to stylesheets whenever you design name tags.

name tag psd templates

Name Tag Design Ideas

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Name Tag Example

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