16+ Sample Non Exclusive Agreement Template

Step by Step Guidelines in Writing a Non Exclusive Agreement

If you are in a business, you have to know about non exclusive agreement. It implies that the 2 sides compromise on the supply of facilities or products. However, they may also negotiate the same facilities or products with other parties. Now, we will learn more about this kind of agreement in this article.

Templates Basic Non Exclusive Agreement Sample


How to Write a Non-Exclusive Agreement

There are some steps that you will need to follow if you want to write a non-exclusive agreement template. First of all, you have to specify all of the parties. Generally, there are 2 parties in this agreement. However, sometimes there are also third parties involved. So, you have to mention them.

After specifying the parties, you need to mention the important details. You can start with the title first. Then, you can continue with the date of writing agreement. You also should mention the names of both parties. Do not forget to add their addresses, contact info, and even other needed personal details.

For the next step, what you have to do is to provide no exclusivity clause. It is considered as the most important provision of this agreement. Providing this will let full liberty to your associate to create comparable agreement with other companies. The clause will also prevent restriction of involvement.

Writing a non-exclusive agreement form also requires you to include the clause of an intellectual property. It is recommended so much to include this. It allows you to offer a license to use the appropriate intellectual property it also acts as the official license in this kind of agreement.

Next, you will need to provide a clause of confidentiality. Actually, it is only an optional. It depends on both parties as well as the requirements. Providing this confidentiality clause will also ensure that the personal & private info used is not shared to a third party who is not involved in this agreement.

In addition, you should also specify the limit of time. This section requires you to state the duration of this agreement. It will determine the validity length of the agreement. It can be short term agreement or long term one. The duration can be one year, two years or even longer depending on the project.

Lastly, it is a must to provide the signatures & date in the end of this agreement template. In this last step, make sure that you dedicate a space for both parties to sign it off. You cannot skip it because this aims to prove that all parties acknowledge & comply with this kind of agreement. So, you cannot miss it.

There are many types of such agreement. One of them is non-exclusive marketing agreement. It is needed if you want to enter into an arrangement with other parties where they are refrained from the same work and even sell the same products or services. This agreement will be helpful with the task.

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Besides that, there is also non-exclusive distributorship agreement. In this case, the provider gives the freedom to the distributor to sell services or products in a specific market place under the agreement. There are still many other types of non exclusive agreement that you can make depending on business.

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